Sunday, October 25, 2009

End January English Essay Homework on "Beyond Culture" by Edward T.Hall. - Option III

Option III:
What man chooses to take in, either consciously or unconsciously, is what gives structure and meaning to his world. Furthermore, what he perceives is "what he intends to do about it." Setting aside the other four dimensions (situation, status, past experience and culture), theoretically it would be possible to arrange all of man's activities along a continuum ranging from in which a very high proportion of the events influencing the outcome were consciously considered to those in which a much smaller number were considered. In the United Stated, interpersonal relations are frequently at the low end of the scale. Everyone has had the experience of thinking that he was making a good impression only to learn later that he was not. At times like these, we are paying attention to the wrong things or screening our behavior we should be observing. A common fault of teachers and professors is that they pay more attention to their subject matter than they do to their students, who frequently pay too much attention to the professor and not enough to the subject.

From this passage, I understood that one’s assumption, which is called the sixth sense, don’t usually work properly. In a state of either consciousness or unconsciousness people can easily diverse and range the situations in sequence by the probable success or waited earnings. By involving the other four dimensions natural sense of person changes. Despite the fact that things can be different from how we’re seeing them, people intend to believe their deduction, which was made from unfinished observation, was right.

What we really have to do is stay down on the world and notice what kind of situation we are in and what are the possibilities to resolve the problems occurring. Better observe before express. He laughs best who laughs last.

Without communicating each other it barely impossible to know what do the others want and find the win-win solution in society (not pure-society). In short, knowing and considering each other's status, following responsibilities and culture would make relationship direct and pale.