Monday, November 30, 2009

Setsen falls from the Rocking Horse

It was the 2nd day Kurban (28th of Nov, 2009) celebrations. Tsozo, Setsen (my high school friends) and I were visiting one of our teacher's home due to the holiday. They have a daughter who is 18 months. She was showing her toys and riding a rocking horse (red). I got to admit that it looked very dangerous that she might fall from it. But gladly she didn't. Then Setsen mounted on it and began to rock. Seeing a 17-year-old girl play on in would look funny. So I brought my cell out and started to record it. At the exact moment that we were saying that no one would fall from it because the manufacturers would have considered it and had secured it, the following happened. She fell from the red rocking horse.