Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Failure or the Success

If you succeed everything will change. I mean everything and you might be frightened from the sudden and stressing, so that you might even choose failure over success. Because if you fail, there won't be anything different. Everything will always be as it has always been.

I wanted it to change. I wanted it to be different. And I had thought I made a success. But now I see only failures as if the quote was supposed to be in opposite. It seems like failing to change was a success. But I got no chance of correcting it now. Not correcting it actually, reversing it.

We'll see. I might get the courage to stand up again soon, and hope really soon.

P.S. My physicist was right. I make my self stressed, even self consciously and have really hard time getting over it and usually I actually don't get over. God, I wish I was different.