Thursday, December 24, 2009

A thought that occured to me just now

I used to like New Moon. I even used to love it considering I gave 5 stars out of 5 on my review. Of course I am talking about the novel, the second one in the series, which I just reread today again. I've read it twice or thrice before, and each time this one was the most I liked from the bunch. Now I feel nothing that appreciative, only the usual sadness and a weight on my chest.

I think I liked it the first and the second and third time because I was just like Bella in some way. Broken. In many way. That's what it made us (I mean Bella and I) similar. Although we have nothing in common.

Before the pain was tempting. Now it's only pain. I guess I was masochistic or something two years ago. Now I don't think pain would pleasure me anymore.
There was a time, a period of time in my life, that was a gap. Just a hollow through my chest that even wind can go through without being bothered. It was ... well it was nothing like anything, I hope someone would understand what I am saying. Hahaha
Now I am nearer to the my old self than the me in the gap time or anything. LoL.

Sulking won't make any difference in your life but destroying. So that I decided to stop being so pessimistic and see things in a little brighter way.

I may be a paranoid but not an android.