Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is it easy to be young?

Everyone, well at least most people, tells us the story about themselves beginning like "When I was your age..." or "When I was younger ..." or "When the time was smoother" and in the middle they say "... everything was easy...". Do they seriously think that when we are young and hot-blooded, when we are arrogant beyond ourselves and when we think that universe revolves around us there is nothing we can do? How shitty does that sound? The universe doesn't revolve around us. Be realistic.

Being young is not easy. But that doesn't mean being older is easy. Being young in not easy so that being older would be easier if we put our feet on the ground and find our way. To do that we need some chivalry. You know what I mean. No bravery, no encountering with the difficulties while we have back-ups, which means that we will go through it anyway. Whether you like it or not. It's just a question about time and, um well, "insurance".

That's what youth is about. Meet the life while you have the guts. It is NOT easy to be young and youth. But you still have to be able to find some time for fun and everything you assume needed.