Friday, March 26, 2010

The thing of anime&manga characters I don't agree

I hope you all have noticed that the characters of Japanese animes and mangas are relatively young, maximum 18. I totally understand it's to attract attentions of teenagers because they like those who are around their own age, and not that old, okay admit it - able to fantasize yourself in their places or so on... But the thing is they have already found, I mean chosen, their own paths of life. The surprising fact is the choosing happened around the age of 8 or 9, anyways under 10. You don't think an infants is capable of planning one's own future. More over who would still live by the choice they made when they were that age? And they kill without even blinking, I mean literally without blinking. Is that even moral? It's just absurd. Not very plausible. Anime & manga makers, I appreciate your hard and wonderful work, but please, be a little more realistic in the logica of the story, not that I am against the supernatural thing. It's just the psychological thing I don't really abide.

P.S. I know no one's gonna read it, but what the hell.