Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Okay, a bling bling world. I was funny and unproblematic, I wouldn't consider those inner family issues problems.

Charlotte's issue was her children were driving her crazy with all those screaming.
Miranda had a problem with her boss for being a strong woman with voice.
Carrie's issue is that Big and she are having 2 days off every week.
Samantha's problem is, well she doesn't have any problems.

The girls go to Abu Dhabi for Samantha's free PR trips for this new glamorous hotel to the rich Americans. But it seems like the whole movie is for the sake of this hotel.

Charlotte is being the family woman with loving children.
Miranda is being the control freak as she is.
Carrie is being the sentimental writer self.
Samantha is being the reigning Samantha as always with a little old hormone kicking it.

The stunt Carrie pulled to hail a cab was stupid thing to do. That that she's done it, the cab stopping was stupid.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Wolves of Mercy Falls: (Book 2) Linger

Now that Sam got cured and knowing Olivia was alive in the woods Grace was at the peak of her happiness. They were planning to go to college together. But somehow Sam was still testing the efficiency of the cure unconsciously.

On the other hand, Isabel was still testing her parents' nerve. She didn't care for anything. Now she hangs out with Grace more and more and she loved that it made her father angry. Because he thought Grace was the one who were feeding the wolves in the trees. But the one who was feeding them was Isabel herself.

But thing are no longer so easy. There were more people/wolves in the whole picture to consider. Grace was struggling to keep her love beside her in shiver. This time Sam will struggle to keep his love beside him.

PLAYTIME 2010 Line-Up

Бүгдээрээ Playtime 2010 -ыг сэтгэл догдлон хүлээж байгаа гэдэгт итгэлтэй байна. Би дөнгөс сая л Од-ын блогоос наадамын тоглолтын дарааллалыг уншлаа. Тэгээд бас давхар өөрийнх дээрээ ч бас оруулчихъя гэж бодлоо.

Найман сарын 7, 8-нд наадам дээр тааралдацгаая.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New York, I Love You

When I first saw "Paris, I Love You" I really enjoyed it. Since I saw there will be another similar movie take place in New York, I wanted to watch it as soon as it was released. But seems like I forgot it and just watched it.

I thought it would be like the prequel indicating the Director's name and the title of the segment in the beginning of each peace. It wasn't like that. Every short films were mixed. One part comes back when you think it was done.

Over all, it was very urban, very much but in a way it was very cute still keeping the link between everyone by the lady who records video of people on the street. The ending was amazing. Watch it everyone.

The rating is the average of every rating I gave to each pieces.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Wolves of Mercy Falls: (Book 1) Shiver

First thing that occurred to me was that I was reading The Dark Divine by Bree Despain again. Not that it's exactly like it. It's because both involve gorgeous guys turning into wolves and both protagonists are named Grace.

Anyway, this was a lovely love story between 17-year-old girl, Grace, and 18-year-old shape shifting boy, Sam. At the beginning of September Sam shifted back to his human form somehow. Wolves turn back into humans when it's warm during the summer, but never before in fall. Grace and Sam struggles to keep him human as long as possible. Because it was the last year of him to phase back into human. From the next year he would be only wolf not Sam.

Lovely story, isn't it? Well, it gets tastier. For example the scene after the Candy Shop. That was hot. Read it if you are not a big fan of vampires. Because it would make much more sense.

Monday, July 26, 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird

This is a primary school student's, Scout's, childhood memory of 3 years including summers. Being the youngest child, having an elder brother by 4 years and a father whose work was a county attorney would make a girl's life pretty exciting thing. Adventures with her brother, Jem, trying to sneak into their neighbor Arthur "Boo" Radley's to see if he was really alive and existing, because he doesn't go out of his house and having their cousin over the summer makes the fun more enjoyable.

This book was special because it makes you see the 1940's from a child's perspective, more innocent, smarter in a way, more honest and more fragile. It will make you feel some twinge, not romance, in your heart. Totally recommend everyone to read it. 

Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town

This documentary was made by Summit Entertainment for due to the New Moon because it was released just a month before New Moon presumably.

It's like every other documentary with more people talking showing how the life in Forks, Washington has changed from Twilight Saga. Before it was a normal, little and average American town. Now it's a big sight for tourist and economics in the town has been improved from the tourism.

The film has several sub-titles like: tour, history, la push, characters etc. People such as student from Forks high school, Shop clerk, cafe and restaurant owners, even police chief  giving their opinions on the current situations and the impact of it on their lives.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lost in Translation

Okay, this was hilarious. With a little more exaggeration on the hospitality part of Japanese culture, it seems ridiculous. Including all this cultural insertions and the coincidence being at the same place, it was a great hang out movie. Doing whatever crossed their mind and wandering around the city after you totally understood there is nothing to think about your life and it's messed up is so in style. At least for me, it's in style.

Everyone wants to be found.

P.S. Scarlett's character is so similar with me, internally.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

It was obvious that this was originally a book. There is this village whose residents are continuously encountering dragon attacks for three centuries. They steal the food such as sheep and people die during the attack. Due to it everyone gets to be a warrior. But Hiccup is not this aggressive kinda guy, although he's father is the best warrior and the village leader.

Seems like even some weak characteristics can be advantageous in times of choosing.

Friday, July 23, 2010


The name is from The Runaways' song Cherrybomb. What's an American song doing in Irish film? Well, it suited the theme.

There are two guys, complete opposite of each other and have their inner personal issues. Oh, who doesn't? Family boy and a troubled bad boy. And then there is a new girl in town. Attracts attention with slight danger into her. So, now the game on. Troubled teens.

Rupert Grint's performance was good but I liked the one's, Robert Sheehan, better.

Well, long story in short: It'a completely messed up situation.

Two guys. One girl. Game on.

Study: (Book 1.5) Assassin Study

This is a short story in the Study series by Maria V. Snyder, about Valek, the deadliest of deadly personnel in the Commander's army. The story takes place between Poison study and Magic study, which makes it #1.5 in the series.

After Yelena's execution order has been disappeared, Valek instantly knew that she was in danger. Of all the people who could set off after her, a former king's assassin from Sitia chased her without her knowledge from MD5. In order to keep Yelena focused on her mission, he has to go after the assassin into Sitia to hunt him down.

Study: (Book 2.5) Power Study

This is a short story in the Study series by Maria V. Snyder. The main characters here are Ari and Janco, the Power Twin named by Valek. The story happens between Magic Study and Fire Study, which makes it #2.5 in the series.

Ari and Janco set off to capture a probable Sitian spy, who wields particularly special scimitar, which is a symbolic weapon among Sitians. They fight, they track, they find, they fight and they succeed.

P.S. It's just a short read.
P.P.S It didn't have it's own cover.

The Last Song

When I started this movie, I was looking for a typical teenage movie, since Miley Cyrus starred in it. Then I looked it up while I was watching it. The movie was based on Nicholas Sparks' novel. That means, it will end in tragedy somehow, usually it's not the main character who dies. But the protagonist learns something from who had died. This one went exactly according to Nicholas' pattern.

Moving on is always the theme of his novels. Miley did her best in the movie, I think. But I won't suggest it to anyone who doesn't enjoy Nicholas' partially miserable writings. But, they has some reality in them.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Ghost Writer

Another thrilling thriller from Roman Polanski. Oh, I gotta say that he can make the most mundane story into a back-chilling horror. So about the name of the movie, I didn't quite get it the first time. The term Ghost Writer refers the autobiographers, who are following their objective personnels like a ghost and make assumptions in literal way.

Replacing the ghost writer of former British PM after his mysterious death accident/suicide wasn't really a safe action even-though it was a tempting offer to take with quarter of a million.

But things do get suspicious. As a writer who wants to be a proper writer, he just feels like chasing the scoop, how can't he? So, things start to go wrong. Very wrong.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Repo Men

Seems like the quickly developing biotechnology isn't really moral. I am not standing on either side.

This time Jude Law a role in thriller movie, claiming transplanted organs from those who couldn't pay the price of their transplant(s). But in the process of collecting one, he injures his own heart. Bam, now he has a heart transplant. So the hunter became the prey, when he fell behind the payment.

The whole action after the brain damage was fantastic. Too fantastic though. So, it had its own reason to be that way.

The soundtrack was nice. Especially the one behind reclaiming near the end. Watch it, but it will leave you unsatisfied just after you thought you were good.

Inspirational Item: The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination

J.K. Rowling, author of the best-selling Harry Potter book series, delivers her Commencement Address, “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination,” at the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association.

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement from Harvard Magazine on Vimeo.

I've just watched this video after 2 years of its publication, regret that I didn't watch it that time. Maybe I wouldn't fully grasp the idea of her speech, but I surely did this time. Hilarious, truthful, dramatic, courageous, tear blooming speech.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Oh, I know everyone enjoys this polytheist situation. A God or Goddess for everything that was significant in people's lives. The Gods and Goddesses have been illustrated the best in this one so far. Zeus's glittering platinum armor, Hades's black shade of smoke and wings, Apollo's garment... but I didn't really like Poseidon.

The effects and stage building was good, well okay. But it was over after a short time. The plot was poor, the idea was too feeble.

What concerns Io was strange. The way Zeus acted was stupid. The way Hades manipulated was too easy. Medusa's  decapitation was insanely blind. Terrifying Kraken was smoothly quick. Perseus's permanent will to be a human was persistently foolish. (not that I wouldn't deny the offer) 

All in all, an average Hollywood fantasy movie. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Girl Who Leapt Though Time

I always enjoyed Japanese animation. They are always full of understanding metaphors and enjoyable scenes. Now, I want to say that this one didn't let me down. It was even better than the others.

Makoto Konno is an energetic, active, a little too silly in a harmlessly cute way and a slack. She has a younger sister, a trouble for every older sister. Her two best friend are boys, Chiaki Mamiya and Kousuke Tsuda, who play baseball with her after school and treat her kindly like a little sister. Apparently, that wasn't the whole thing.

One day, a very unlucky day according to her, she experiences a strange visuals. Later that day, because it was her unlucky day, her bicycle break stops working while she was going down the hill towards the train cross. Big bang, she WAS supposed to die. But she's back few seconds back to the accident. Now, she can leap through time. But the number of time she can leap is limited. Of course, she didn't know that from the beginning.

First, I loved how she ends up just after the leaping, rolling like a bowling ball and finds something like bowling pins such as trash bins or ...anything. Hilarious. Second, I loved the scene that shows her running to the destination and the background blurring. She drops behind but she catches up. Oh, that scene was really emotionally anxious metaphor. Fits with the tagline perfectly. I would recommend everyone who enjoys pretty good comedy/drama/animation to watch it.

The open ending, leaving the story unwrapped was hauntingly interesting, still great.

Time waits for no one.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Song of the Day: Мурат Насыров, Юлианна Караулова - Кто-то простить

Twilight Sage: Eclipse

I've just come from Urgoo, the opening of Eclipse in Mongolia. Boy that was good. The event, I'll write about it later.

Since everyone knows what happens in this one, it would be waste of words explaining it. So I'll just write what crossed my mind while I was watching it.

First thing I really want to say is "TOO-MUCH-KISSING". Urgoo put the age limit on 6+, although it was most certainly PG-13. There was even almost interaction scene. LoL. Everyone in the theater sighed in frustration (that's what I believe it was) when Edward withdrew. Anyway, boy there were too much kissing. One moment Bella was kissing Edward, then she was kissing Jacob, then Ed and the Jake. Oh, I almost forgot about the kiss between Alice and Jasper. A cute one.

Speaking of Jasper, he made a big role in this movie. I mean I rarely heard him speaking on the previous films. But on this one he was really in charge. Plus, he's voice is nice. And speaking of hotness, Riley was good. (LoL)

Secondly, all the fights were AWESOME. Even those verbal fight between Ed and Jake. I loved how those new-born vamps shattered like glass when Jasper tore them.

P.S. The score was given high because it was great to watch and enjoy the inner jokes.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time

I didn't watch the previous versions, if there were some. I didn't even try to play the game. So there is nothing to compromise or diminish my view on the movie.

The whole sacred city with a beautiful princess who is a dagger guardian and orphan boy who was adopted to be a prince, with brothers who would be in tight brotherhood. Then they fall in love. all, the plot was pretty predictable. So the making and illustration of the story were the important thing to judge.

Personally, I liked it. This one man, super, wall climbing-monkey style abilities were plausible enough and the air of mid-Asian adventure. Although the visual effects seemed too fake at some time, -the horses, sand, beautiful women, heroic men- all that attract everyone for a nice 2-hour entertainment.

The best and likable character was Sheik Amar, personalized by Alfred Molina. He was very modernized, sarcastic person with high sense of humor. But after the whole stuffs about true brotherhood and trust, it's a pity that they all die one way or another and only one left alone would have been a sad sad story.

Study: (Book 3) Fire Study

The third and final book of Study Trilogy.

The first and second book titles were conveniently matched the contents.  In Poison Study, Yelena chooses a life as food taster for the Commander, tasting every food he eat for known poisons and detecting them. Well, she was a fast learner. In Magic Study, she flees to Sitia to explore her magical ability and discover the extent of it. Well, she was a natural.

In Fire Study, I didn't knew what would she learn to do in it. Fire as in literal sense or metaphorical sense. But the whole FIRE thing was completely new issue although the magic part was more than mentioned in Poison Study. Anyway, here's what I thought about Fire Study.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Энэ киног үзчихээд би дүгнэлтээ хийгээгүй юм байна. За тэгэхээр ийм байна.

Уг баримтат киноны гол bottom line: There is not God.

Bill Maher өөрийн comedian-ы ур чадвараа ашиглан үнэн хөгжилтэй баримтат кино хийсэн. Хэрвээ аливаа шашинд итгэдэг хүмүүсийн хувьд бол жаахан хэтрүүлчихсэн санагдаж магадгүй юм. Гэхдээ киноны гол утга санааг ойлгуулахын тулд зарим зүйлсийг экстра хийх хэрэгтэй шүү дээ.

Үзээд сууж байхад үнэхээр инээдтэй санагдаж билээ. Би инээж байхдаа дотроо хальт өөрөөсөө ичиж билээ. Энэ чинь муу ч үгүй олон хүмүүсийн итгэл шүү дээ.

Нэг дутагдал нь гэвэл энд зөвхөн Америкт байгаа католик, Жиү, Муслимуудын тухай л оруулсан байдаг. Тэгээд тэд нар хамаагүй шоолоход амар байсан болоор ч тэр байж магад. Гэхдээ юутай ч Билл-ийн зоригийг үнэлэх хэрэгтэй.

Итгэгч ч бай, биш ч бай үзэх хэрэгтэй кино. Би Мөөгийг протестант гэдгийг нь мартчихаад/мэдэлгүй энийг үзүүлчихсэн. Харин Мөөгийд бол таалагдсан шүү.

"I think god wants everybody to be free. That's what I believe. And that one, a part of my foreign policy."
George Bush Jr.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Энэ кино жинхэнэ классик байсныг би ойлгож л байна л даа. Гэхдээ надад тэгтлээ дороо товшмоор гоё санагдсангүй. Магадгүй тэр үеийн стиль гэдэг нь ойлгомжтой л доо.

Богинохон, хөнгөн, гэгээлэг, амархан, гэрэл гэгээтэй, жаахан тэнэгхэн, бас нүд баясгасан кино байлаа.

Study: (Book 2) Magic Study

Study гурван номт цувралын хоёр дахь боть.

Елена өөрийнхөө ид шидийг эзэмшиж гэр бүлээ олохоор Икиагаас гарч Сатиаг зорьлоо.

Сатиагийн дотоод 11 овог аймгийн бүтэц, зөвлөхүүд, 4 мастер шидтнүүд, тэдний характер болоод авъяас чадлыг дэлгэрэнгүйгээр, зорилготой нь хамт өгүүлнэ.

Энэ номыг 2 өдөр уншихдаа хэдэн ном уншсанаа ч санахаа больлоо. Мариа В. Снайдер яах аргагүй маш олон зүйлсийг базаж багтаажээ. Гэр бүл, ах дүүс, хоёр орны харилцаа, хайр сэтгэл, өшөө авалт, бослого, шунал, аллага, авралт, амлалт, дайсагналцал. Хичнээн ч юм болчихов доо.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Study: (Book 1) Poison Study

Study гурван номт цувралын эхний боть.

Коммандерын хоол амтлагчаар ажиллах болсон Еленагийн түүхийн эхлэл надад таалагдлаа. Богинохон хугацаанд их ч олон юм боллоо. Тэр юм сурахдаа хурдан, зоригтой, бас сониуч.

Тэрээр цаазаар авхуулах ялтай байсан ч одоо хэзээ ч үхэж болох ажил хийж байна. Бэлтгэгч нь коммндерыг төрийн эрхэнд гарахад монархыг хороосон ахмад. (Гэхдээ аймар гоё зэвүүн ахмад.)

Коммандерын дор ажиллах нэг ахмадын өнчин хүүхдүүдийн асрамжийн газар өсч байхдаа Елена амьдралаа гэрэл гэгээтэйгээр төсөөлж байлаа. Гэсэн ч түүнийг 16 хүрхэд бүх зүйл өөрөөр эргэсэн юм. Тамлал, дарамтыг тэсээгүй Елена ахмадын хүүг хороох нь тэр. Ингээд л түүний амьдрал тэр чигээрээ өөрчлөгдсөн юм даа. Одоо бол тэр коммандерын хоол амтлагч.

Коммандер төрийн эрхэнд гарснаас хойш өмнө зүгийн улстай харилцаа тасарсан. Өмнөх хаан тэдэнтэй илүү их ойр байсан бөгөөд өмнө зүгийнхэнийн алтлаг бор арьс хойд зүгийнхэнээс шууд л ялгагдана. Бас тэдний дунд олон шидтнүүд бий. Хааныг ширээнээс нь унагаахад коммандер бүх шидтнүүдийг агнаж хороосон. Энэ улсад шидтэн хориотой, аюултайд тооцогдоно.

Елена хоол амтлагчаар ажиллаж эхлээд нилээд хугацаа өнгөрсний дараа өөрийг нь хороох оролдлого гарна. Шалтгаан нь Елена ч бас шидтэн байлаа. Түүнийгээ өөрөө ч мэдээгүй. Ингээд л асуудал эхэлнэ.

Cover: A+

Friday, July 9, 2010

Vampires Suck! trailer

Надад хэзээ ч кинонуудын холимог инээдмийн, тэнэг хувилбар таалагдаж байгаагүй. Гэхдээ энэ удаад надад таалагдаж магадгүй юм шиг байна. Хэхэ, трейлэр нь инээдтэй байлаа л даа. Бас дээрээс нь ийм төрлийн кинонууд шиг хэтэрхий тэнэг хийгээгүй юм шиг байна. Ямар ч байсан тэгж найдаж байна.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Hunger Games: (Book 2) Catching Fire

Өлсгөлөнгийн тоглоом цувралын хоёр дахь дэвтэр. 

Katness, Peeta хоёр ялагчидын дүүрэгт 3 байшингийн зайтай нүүж орлоо. Хувийн зүгээс бол тэдэнд дутагдах юу ч байхгүй байлаа. Гэхдээ дүүргийнхэн нь, хайртай ойрын хүмүүс нь зовж байхад яаж хараагүй юм шиг өнгөрч чадах билээ дээ. 74-р Өлсгөлөнгийн тоглоомын ялагчид болсныхоо follow-up болгож бүх 12 дүүргээр тойрон аялаж үйл ажиллагаануудад оролцоно. Энэ үед Katness ард түмэн Capitol -ын эсрэг дорвитой, хүчтэй эсэргүүцэл дэгдээхэд бэлэн болсон байгааг анзаарна. Тэд эрх чөлөөгөө олж авах цаг ирсэн. Босох цаг иржээ.

Гэсэн ч гай газар дотоор гэгчээр 75-р Өлсгөлөнгийн тоглоомын дүрэм Katness -ын ирээдүйг ахиад л бүрхлээ. 25 тоглоом тутамд тусгай дүрмээр тоглодог бөгөөд тус бүрд нь дүрмийг 75 жилийн өмнө бичиж хадгалсан байжээ. Энэ удаагийн дүрэм бол оролцогчид бүх дүүргүүдийн өмнөх ялагчид дундаас сонгогдоно. Нэг эмэгтэй, нэг эрэгтэй. Katness -ын амьдардаг 12-р дүүрэг 2 эрэгтэй, нэг эмэгтэй ялагчтай. Katness  яасан ч байсан тоглоомонд оролцох л болно. Ингээд яг л өнгөрсөн жилийнх шиг Peeta, Katness хоёр арина руу орно. Энэ удаад тэдний өрсөлдөгчид айж чичирсэн өсвөр насныхан байхгүй. Харин хүний амь хороож сурсан ялагчид байх болно.

Дүгнээд хэлэхэд илүү сонирхолтой байлаа. Тэмцээн нь л дээ. Дандаа ялагчид оролцсон гэхээр аймшигтай байж таараа. Гэхдээ энд олон хөгшин хүмүүс байгаа. Хамгийн хүчтэй нь ч Капитолын өмнө сөхрөнө гэдгийг харуулах гэсэн тоглоомын хувь заяа Katness -ын төсөөлөөгүйгээр эргэнэ. Гэхдээ логиктой уншигч бол ингэх байсан гэдгийг урьдчилаад мэдэх боломжтой байсан.

Төгсгөлийн үг нь Richelle Mead -ын Spirit Bound шиг л гайхалтай дуусгалаа. Гэхдээ арай тэр хэмжээнд хүрээгүй л дээ. Sorry!

Cover: C-

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Hunger Games: (Book 1) The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games гурван номт цувралын эхний ном Өлсгөлөнгийн тоглоом олон уншигчын сэтгэлд их хүрээд байгаа юм.

Цаг өөр болно. Амьдрал эргээд дектатурт оржээ. Панамын (Панама улс биш шүү) арван гурван дүүрэг Капитолынхаа эсрэг боссоноос хойш Капитол бүр ч илүү хатуу бодлого баримтлана. Арван Гуравдугаар дүүрэг бол тэр чигээрээ газрын хөрснөөс арчигдсан. Тэр цагаас хойш шил болгон Капитолд Өлсгөлөнгийн тоглоом эхлэнэ. Бүх 12 дүүргээс тус бүр нэг эмэгтэй, нэг эрэгтэй 12-18 насныхан дундаас сонгогдоно. Бүх 24 оролцогч томоохон аринад амьд үлдэхийн төлөө тулалдах болно. Ганцхан оролцогч л амьд гарна. Амьд үлдэхийн тулд нэг дүүргийнхэн бие биенээ хороох шаардлагатай болох болно. Бүх тоглоомын үйл явц орон даяар шууд цацагдана. Капитол ингэж л дүүргүүдийг ахин босохын эсрэг сүрдүүлнэ.
Лоттоны хайрцаганд 12 настаны нэг 1 ширхэг, 13 -ынх 2 гээд 18 -ынх 7 ширхэг орно. Хэдийгээр ахмад настай оролцогч сонгогдох боломж ихтэй ч хааяа нэг 12 настай оролцогч гарч ирэх л болно. Тэд яаж удаан амьд үлдэх вэ дээ.

Арван Хоёрдугаар дүүрэгт бол энэ тоглоом нэг талаараа амьд үлдэх боломж байдаг. Өөрийнхөө нэрийг лоттонд нэг удаа ахин нэмээд долоо хоногын/сарын ч билүү/ хүнс авах боломжтой. 16 настай Katniss Everdeen таван жилийн өмнө эцэг нь уурхайн ослоор нас барснаас хойш гэр бүлээ тэжээх үүргийг хүлээсэн. 12 настай охин дүү Prim, гунигт орж ярихаа ч больсон ээжийгээ тэжээхийн тулд тогтой хашаанаас нууцаар гарч ойд ан хийнэ.

Энэ жил Katniss -ын нэр лоттонд 20 удаа орсон байлаа. Харин дүү нь 12 хүрснээс хойш нэр нь 1 л удаа орсон. Гэсэн ч сонголтын өдөр болоход эмэгтэй оролцогчоор Prim сонгогдоно. Katniss дүүгээ тоглоомонд оролцохыг хүсээгүй учир өөрөө саналаараа орно. Ингээд Katniss өөрийгөө амьд үлдэх боломжгүй байдалд орууллаа. Учир нь зарим дүүргийнхэн тоглоомыг Капитолын бодлого биш харин ч нэр хүндиийн асуудал байдаг бөгөөд насаараа энэ тоглоомонд бэлтгэдэг.

Katniss хэрхэн гэртээ амьд харих вэ?

Cover: C+

P.S. Мэдээж шохоорхол, хайрын асуудал байлгүй л яахав.