Monday, July 19, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Oh, I know everyone enjoys this polytheist situation. A God or Goddess for everything that was significant in people's lives. The Gods and Goddesses have been illustrated the best in this one so far. Zeus's glittering platinum armor, Hades's black shade of smoke and wings, Apollo's garment... but I didn't really like Poseidon.

The effects and stage building was good, well okay. But it was over after a short time. The plot was poor, the idea was too feeble.

What concerns Io was strange. The way Zeus acted was stupid. The way Hades manipulated was too easy. Medusa's  decapitation was insanely blind. Terrifying Kraken was smoothly quick. Perseus's permanent will to be a human was persistently foolish. (not that I wouldn't deny the offer) 

All in all, an average Hollywood fantasy movie.