Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Girl Who Leapt Though Time

I always enjoyed Japanese animation. They are always full of understanding metaphors and enjoyable scenes. Now, I want to say that this one didn't let me down. It was even better than the others.

Makoto Konno is an energetic, active, a little too silly in a harmlessly cute way and a slack. She has a younger sister, a trouble for every older sister. Her two best friend are boys, Chiaki Mamiya and Kousuke Tsuda, who play baseball with her after school and treat her kindly like a little sister. Apparently, that wasn't the whole thing.

One day, a very unlucky day according to her, she experiences a strange visuals. Later that day, because it was her unlucky day, her bicycle break stops working while she was going down the hill towards the train cross. Big bang, she WAS supposed to die. But she's back few seconds back to the accident. Now, she can leap through time. But the number of time she can leap is limited. Of course, she didn't know that from the beginning.

First, I loved how she ends up just after the leaping, rolling like a bowling ball and finds something like bowling pins such as trash bins or ...anything. Hilarious. Second, I loved the scene that shows her running to the destination and the background blurring. She drops behind but she catches up. Oh, that scene was really emotionally anxious metaphor. Fits with the tagline perfectly. I would recommend everyone who enjoys pretty good comedy/drama/animation to watch it.

The open ending, leaving the story unwrapped was hauntingly interesting, still great.

Time waits for no one.