Thursday, July 29, 2010

New York, I Love You

When I first saw "Paris, I Love You" I really enjoyed it. Since I saw there will be another similar movie take place in New York, I wanted to watch it as soon as it was released. But seems like I forgot it and just watched it.

I thought it would be like the prequel indicating the Director's name and the title of the segment in the beginning of each peace. It wasn't like that. Every short films were mixed. One part comes back when you think it was done.

Over all, it was very urban, very much but in a way it was very cute still keeping the link between everyone by the lady who records video of people on the street. The ending was amazing. Watch it everyone.

The rating is the average of every rating I gave to each pieces.

4.6/5.0 1st segment: with Hayden Christensen, Andy Garcia and Rachel Bilson, directed by Jiang Wen
3.8/5.0 2nd segment: with Natalie Portman and Irrfan Khan, directed by Mira Nair
4.8/5.0 3rd segment: with Orlando Bloom and Christina Ricci, directed by Shunji Iwai
3.2/5.0 4th segment: with Maggie Q, Ethan Hawke, Chris Cooper and Robin Wright Penn, directed by Yvan Attal
4.9/5.0 5th segment: with Anton Yelchin, James Caan and Olivia Thirlby, directed by Brett Ratner
4.2/5.0 6th segment: with Drea De Matteo and Bradley Cooper, directed by Allen Hughes
3.9/5.0 7th segment: with Julie Christie, John Hurt and Shia LaBeouf, directed by Shekhar Kapur
3.5/5.0 8th segment: with Taylor Geare, Carlos Acosta and Jacinda Barrett, directed by Natalie Portman
4.9/5.0 9th segment: with Ugur Yucel, Shu Qi and Burt Young, directed by Fatih Akin
5.0/5.0 10th segment: with Eli Wallach and Cloris Leachman, directed by Joshua Marston