Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time

I didn't watch the previous versions, if there were some. I didn't even try to play the game. So there is nothing to compromise or diminish my view on the movie.

The whole sacred city with a beautiful princess who is a dagger guardian and orphan boy who was adopted to be a prince, with brothers who would be in tight brotherhood. Then they fall in love. all, the plot was pretty predictable. So the making and illustration of the story were the important thing to judge.

Personally, I liked it. This one man, super, wall climbing-monkey style abilities were plausible enough and the air of mid-Asian adventure. Although the visual effects seemed too fake at some time, -the horses, sand, beautiful women, heroic men- all that attract everyone for a nice 2-hour entertainment.

The best and likable character was Sheik Amar, personalized by Alfred Molina. He was very modernized, sarcastic person with high sense of humor. But after the whole stuffs about true brotherhood and trust, it's a pity that they all die one way or another and only one left alone would have been a sad sad story.