Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Okay, a bling bling world. I was funny and unproblematic, I wouldn't consider those inner family issues problems.

Charlotte's issue was her children were driving her crazy with all those screaming.
Miranda had a problem with her boss for being a strong woman with voice.
Carrie's issue is that Big and she are having 2 days off every week.
Samantha's problem is, well she doesn't have any problems.

The girls go to Abu Dhabi for Samantha's free PR trips for this new glamorous hotel to the rich Americans. But it seems like the whole movie is for the sake of this hotel.

Charlotte is being the family woman with loving children.
Miranda is being the control freak as she is.
Carrie is being the sentimental writer self.
Samantha is being the reigning Samantha as always with a little old hormone kicking it.

The stunt Carrie pulled to hail a cab was stupid thing to do. That that she's done it, the cab stopping was stupid.