Friday, July 16, 2010

Twilight Sage: Eclipse

I've just come from Urgoo, the opening of Eclipse in Mongolia. Boy that was good. The event, I'll write about it later.

Since everyone knows what happens in this one, it would be waste of words explaining it. So I'll just write what crossed my mind while I was watching it.

First thing I really want to say is "TOO-MUCH-KISSING". Urgoo put the age limit on 6+, although it was most certainly PG-13. There was even almost interaction scene. LoL. Everyone in the theater sighed in frustration (that's what I believe it was) when Edward withdrew. Anyway, boy there were too much kissing. One moment Bella was kissing Edward, then she was kissing Jacob, then Ed and the Jake. Oh, I almost forgot about the kiss between Alice and Jasper. A cute one.

Speaking of Jasper, he made a big role in this movie. I mean I rarely heard him speaking on the previous films. But on this one he was really in charge. Plus, he's voice is nice. And speaking of hotness, Riley was good. (LoL)

Secondly, all the fights were AWESOME. Even those verbal fight between Ed and Jake. I loved how those new-born vamps shattered like glass when Jasper tore them.

P.S. The score was given high because it was great to watch and enjoy the inner jokes.