Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moisturizing … what happens?

bestfacemoisturizerWhen I was doing my own morning routine, I was watching – rather listening to – a health program that runs every morning on Russian Channel 1 (Первый канал).

At one point they were comparing modern day plastic windows versus old days wooden windows on the air filtering and circulations. Plastic windows is just like a barrier that is made not to let ANY air come in or out. On the other hand wooden windows let air in and out without making the in and out temperature same. All in all, plastic windows BAD, wooden windows GOOD.

Then there is this air-consistency thing. When the air around you is circulated enough it contains tiny moist particles in it. But nowadays the number of these particles have been significantly decreased.

I am sure that your morning and evening routine includes moisturizing your skin with either skin cream or serum or anything that will do the thing. Do you know how they actually does it? It absorbs the moist in the air around you and inserts it to your skin. But, since the air around us practically crippled-dry, where do they get the moisture? The answer is they suck it out from deep under your own skin – meaning your inner fluids. Moisturizers bring the inner water out, so that your outer skin feels moisturized. Eventually, it will run out. Not a very pleasant and desiring picture, I figure. So how do we keep ourselves moisturized:

  1. Use moisturizing cream
    1. Drink a lot of water so that your body keeps it’s balance
    2. Circulate air in your apartment frequently
  2. Use nourishing cream
    1. Do the same, it’s good for you.

Seems like your moisturizers can only work when you have a young and healthy skin.

Anu (anu@girlwithamug.com)