Saturday, April 23, 2011

My blog (book) categories

You might have already spotted that I never exclude the “label cloud” from the design of my blog. Never. Which proves me that I am a organizing junkie – if I may call it so. There are totally – God knows how many – categories and I’ve been trying to lower that, which is not working – I guess, LOL.
  • When I review a book, I include 1) the author’s name, 2) the book’s genre, ex. YA, Mystery fiction, Detective etc. 3) the book’s rating from my perspective (1 – 5 stars), 4) the year I read that book, 5) “Book Review” label
  • When I review a film/movie, I include 1) the film’s genres, ex. Drama, Adventure etc., 2) the film’s rating from my perspective (1 – 5 stars), 3) “Film Review” label
That’s pretty much all the labels that make up my categories. Others, I have: “Blog of the Day”, “Song of the Day”, “Vlog of the Day”, “tete-a-tete”, “Accessories” (whose point I don’t see) and so on.

Right now I’ve placed it at the bottom left of the home page, so that it won’t bother you, but still satisfy my need of seeing it in the blog.

Recently I’ve discovered that my “Books Read in 2010” is much too bigger than the “Books Read in 2011”, which is true to some extent but not that much. So I wanted to say why, because I’ve just found out. Lol. Last year I used to do a review/vlog about every single book I'd just read, even on the series one by one. You can count it – it’s 100. (I know it because Good Reads tells me that I read 100 books in 2010.) This year I haven’t done reviews for many books and I combined some books in a same series into one post, which is more sensible if you’re trying to find a whole info on one series. I personally find it very organizing and encourage the other Mongolian book reviewers to do so, too.
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