Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our cool seniors

You know what? There is this “theory” that upperclassmen don’t look at you as an equal. It is understandable, but some just look down on lowerclassmen in middle school, in high school, in college and even in life. I am a sophomore in college. When I sit and study in the library I witness a lot of senior cockiness from them towards – let’s say 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students, as I wrote about this before. But everything is not that black and white. There are a few that would hang out with you without considering that you are not a fellow senior. Terka and I have just had a lunch with three of that kind of people. One girl and two boys.

It seems as if the three of them have hung out for a long time – when it’s actually 3-4 years. Probably. We call the girl “Cutieeeeee” /Хөөөөрхөнөөөө/ with whom we had been already acquainted. She plays guitar and a member of G-Tree – a group of people who are into guitar. One boy – we thought he is a guitar player, but really he was violinist. (I don’t know how good he is.) But now we call him “The Violinist”. The other one carries a very heavy bag with his laptop and – I think it was TOEFL – book. He claimed to be carrying his puppy in his bag too. But who would believe that.

So I just want to say there are some people who are cool. Really cool, and they don’t have to be popular to be so.
Sorry for your time reading this,
P.S. Today is "The Violinist"'s birthday.