Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today, I just want to write

Just as the title suggested, I just want to write. I am writing as if a video camera was given to a 7-year-old girl and at this moment I have no idea what will my brain command my fingers to do. So if you’re busy or not interested, you can leave this “post” and do something useful with your time instead of spending who knows how many minutes on this blabber. I just want to write.

Every now and then I get this urge to open my laptop and just type – anything. I usually type poems to my OneNote in case I would need it later, which is never, or I type Mongolian books into Word with all it’s Table of Contents and the heading styles and everything. But I have to say, I never finished typing a single book; I get tired and go do something else eventually. I still have some unfinished writings of Politics Studies, Mongolian History and such. I won’t finish them. That would be mad of me.

My finals started last Wednesday and I’ve given 4 out of 9 exams so far and tomorrow’s English Writings Skills. I know that doesn’t sound like a lesson, but we do take a credit worth of lesson. Last semester, it was worth of 2 credits. Maybe that’s why I wanted to write something. But the exam of that subject is not usually on how you write. It’s on how-in-the-way-you-write, if you know what I mean. You won’t get better marks on that subject just by writing much. We have to – like – memorize the ways how different types of letters/e-mails are written and what words we should use, especially in the first and the last paragraphs. It’s a pretty boring class, but still, we – at least I – learn something useful from the 90 minutes we spend every week.

Right at this moment, I am sitting in a right angle, literally in 90 degrees. My toes are tingling and I am pretty sure I am going to lose my sense in them shortly, if I keep sitting like this. A bottle of Pepsi at my right, my awesome Yamaha F370 at my left and my laptop in front on a mini table, I would say sitting on the floor leaning on my bed side is quite comfortable and healthy – how unlikely of me.

So I think I have to go and cram for tomorrow’s exam and the urge has just passed and thank you for staying up until the end of this post reading it. I only mean it, if you really read it. Kidding. I appreciate you coming to my blog at all and follow my blog if you haven’t already. Until next time, good bye.
Anu Harchu (Girl with a Mug)
P.S. The last sentences sounded like as if I was doing a video and talking, instead of writing a blog post.
P.P.S. L’s miserable face is there just to cheer us up.