Friday, June 10, 2011

Tribute to the Beatles

I think most of my readers have already known about Tribute to the Beatles album or should I say “have already got their copies”. So basically, yesterday I got my hands on the physical copy of it and so far I would say it is amazing.

I hear people saying that this album is lame because the artists just copied the music and didn’t do anything of their own. I totally disagree with that. The producer of the album, Bud-Erdene, intended this to be an album of translation. The artists sang the songs translated into Mongolian and all the rest is the same. To tell you more, they did a good job recording it and I loooove it.

I thought posting a download link so soon to the publication would be injustice to the people who worked on it, since they published it with proper right and other stuff.

You can read more information about this album from Khulan Jugder’s blog here.