Monday, August 29, 2011

I’ve just studded my jeans

IMG_4607I had become in possession of a few hundred studs in 2 different colors, brass and nickel, and 4 different shapes, 7mm and 5mm pyramids, stars and circle. Firstly, I thought I would stud my leather jacket with them. But only the brass ones are appropriate for leather jacket and I didn’t know what to do with the nickel ones. But seems like nickel looks good with jeans and I’ve just studded my favorite old jeans with the nickel pyramids. I didn’t have any design or designated places where to put them.The placing was about to be finished with 15 studs, but I ended up using 40 of them. Because they’re gorgeous.
Expand this post to see the studs on my jeans. So enjoy the process and the finish product.
Studding in process (front)Studding in progress (first draft)Studding finished (front)Studding finished (front)Studding materialsStudding finished (back)