Sunday, September 4, 2011


Trylle: (Book 2) TornAuthor: Amanda Hocking
Title: Torn
Series: Trylle Trilogy (Book #2)

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My ratings: 3 stars out of 5.
My reading duration: August 20th – September 4th, 2011

Wendy’s adventure and her quest to make peace between Trylle and Vittra is still continuing. Along with all the things happening in the troll world, Wendy finds out more of her becoming and where and how she came out to be, which was devastating. Kinda…

The second book of the series was full of agony and misery, and her romance becomes more complicated. Personally I won’t really recommend this series to anyone, but the books are self-published and pretty cheap too. So you might wanna check them out to just kill some time.

P.S. The date of Wendy’s birthday came up towards the end of the book, and it’s same as mine. January 9th.