Sunday, October 23, 2011

I went back to my high school

On the 20th, when I had only one period of school, I went back to my high school, saw some of my teachers and had a lunch in the school cafeteria. Going back there was so great, peaceful and I could forget that now you're in college worrying about your career or whatever.

I miss my school.

Spending some time in the female teachers’ room.
Well, the one on top is my English teacher. Earlier I was sitting in for his lessons and when one of the students said something I don’t know, he said “I sit on you” and he replied “Can you?”, challenged. And later on in the teacher’s room the other did the same. So, he sat on him. Lol.
When you’re an alumna, the food you get for lunch is more than it used to be while you were a student there. And I missed my tray lunch.
The school doesn’t look that much different, except the signs of the school and the dormitories are renewed.
The book of the valedictorians include two more names, meaning time passed. So strange…