Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bakuman: Season One


First of all I have to mention that Bakuman's original manga was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, who did the same for our beloved manga and later on a 37-episode-anime Death Note. But contrary to their previous hit, they did a completely different one from a same angle and the same style.

Second of all, it seems like I might make a lot of reference to Death Note, I hope you're okay with that.


Moritaka Mashiro, artistically talented, third year middle school student who looked up to his mangaka uncle, was discovered by his class mate Akito Takagi, number one top of the class student, while drawing a sketch portait of his crush Miho Azuki. Having enjoyed manga since childhood, Takagi purposes to Mashiro to become mangakas, him writing the story and Mashiro doing the illustrations. Mashiro refuses at first, but driven by a romantically intriguing idea they team up. They spend much time to get published in Shonen Jump weekly, later on get serialized.


The arts and illustrations are a lot similar to Death Note, of which I am not likely to protest against. Though that in the manga is different. Thinking of the plot of Bakuman, I'd thought the mangakas were telling their own story. Though it sounds unreal, it was really warm-hearted, inspiring, funny and very Japanese manga-esque.

Hardwork, teamwork, trust, expertise and the will to take risk for greater experience.

Fully recommended to anyone who enjoys Japanese popular culture.

P.S. The anime mentioned made me want a Japanese style CDMA, flip, cellular phone and do the cute looking stuff they did. LOL.

Kina Grannis - Together

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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Ides of March


The Ides of March is a drama about a young, consultant, idealist staffer Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling) gets involved in the dirty conspiracy of American politics while working on a new Presidential candidate Governor Mike Norris (George Clooney).

There is no releaving plots or twisted turn-ups in here, it's just an example of the dirty politics of precisely calculated public images, scripted speeches, promising seats as a form of corruption. Meyers discovers the true face of the business, I mean the true face might still be hiding, and plays it along even if it is not as idealistic as he wanted it to be. Well, dirty business it is.

George Clooney did an amazing job directing The Ides of March, plus Ryan Gosling as the protagonist of the story made it my personal favourite.

Totally recommended.

@Nomuna_T at Nayra

For a Mongolian traditional calendar thing we have nine nines, if you don't already know it. The first nine starts on Dec. 22nd and it continues for 81 days marking the date of the  coming of spring. Every nine has its special title. Among all of them, the third and the fourth nines are the coldest, and you pass that period, you're good to go.

Today is the mid-fourth nine, at this moment, the moment I am typing these words, I am sitting in Nayra Cafe (no surprise there) on a Monday afternoon around 4-5 PM. The place is full of people, mostly foreign people, seeking some nice and warm place to hang out rather than wandering around outside.

I am quite enjoying myselft with Nomuna hovering beside me, though there are these insanely annoying, bad-mouthed two boys, not men boys, sitting at my back that is bringing the heck out of me. Screw them.

Now that Nomuna has come, I'll end this post.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Bit of a Drunken Thoughts

I am a Romantic who thinks that there is the one for everyone and before that every other ones are just ones. And there is no another the one when it has passed. I believe in the true, I mean really true, feelings last forever and no matter what it works out. I don't believe in people splitting up, I don't believe in divorce, I don't believe in the fact that we are here to die, I don't believe that were are just a mere spectrum in the whole, big universe out there that you don't mean a shit to it, I don't believe in only a man and a woman can share special feelings and I don't believe that it ends.

I believe in love, I belive in faith and I believe in respect no matter the form, no matter the subjects, no matter the objects, no matter the placings, no matter the cause, no matter the outcome, no matter the ideals and no matter the religion as long as they're mutual, even they're not really.

I moved, again.

So, do you remember to time that I was newbie, who was just exploring Tumblr then fell in love with it for the Android app and moved from Blogspot to here and settled down? I guess I wasn't that settled after all.

Recently I've started missing Blogspot for the settle feeling it provided which Tumblr doesn't seem to give. Still, I can't make myself go back to Blogspot or just abandon it. So, what is a better choice than opening another blogging platform? LOL.

The main advantage that Posterous is providing me is the "autopost". I don't have to close down my other services, I'll just keep posting to them through it. That doesn't mean all the post on my Tumblr will be autoposts from Posterous, but in Blogspot's case, that might be true. Either way, anyone can follow my blogs and reviews on whatever service he/she uses. Links will be on Facebook profile and Twitter as well. Win/Win situation.

I'll keep posting to my Tumblr some Tumblrish materials aside from Posterous. But once in a while some "serious" posts will be autoposted into it. *wink*

Anu Harchu

P.S. Here are the different blogging platforms I'm using:

Blue Exorcist


Blue Exorcist or rather Ao no Ekusoshisuto is a serialized anime based on the title manga by Kazue Kato. Currently there is only one season of 25 episodes released.


Okumura Rin and Okumura Yukio were raised by a priest Fujimoto Shiro in seemingly Catholic church with other three clergymen. Although they are identical twins, the character of them were quite the opposite. While Yukio is calm, lovely and hardworking on his studies, Rin is always getting into trouble either on his accords or on others'.

In short, both the Okumura twins are Satan's offsprings, of which Rin was informed by Fujimoto just before his death indirectly by Satan, but apparently only Rin has Satan's demonic power whereas the power "rejected" Yukio. When they leave for a special high school (yes, they are only 15), Rin discovers that Yukio has been able to see the demons wandering around the world and has been being trained to be an Exorcist by Fujimoto since young age. Without a surprise, Yukio is the newly appointed teacher for that year's new Exorcist study freshmen, including Rin.

With the friends from the class Rin and Yukio set out to the journey of avenging their father by killing Satan ("to kich Satan's ass"), therefore ridding the world of the evil.


Personally, I sensed on the cliche Japanese anime style that someone who was "weak" become stronger to "protect the loved ones" in both Rin's and Yukio's character, of which I am totally not that opposed to, because it is motivating after all.

The inclusion both the Catholics and Buddhist are essentially Exorcists (whose HQ is in Vatican, cliche I know) in the face of religion and therefore not that different from each other is amazing, But they forgot to include the other major religion, Islam. I hope they will in the coming seasons, if there is.

The Season One of Blue Exorcist is a perfect piece of Japanese mainstream-battle anime and really entertaining. If you have time and want to spend it watching anime as a distraction for the school break, I will definitely suggest to check this one out.

Simple, doesn't require thinking or solving puzzle, essentially entertaining piece of anime.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I got a P.O. Box

Thinking and wanting about it for some time, I finally got a P.O Box. My very own one, of which I am really excited about. So now I am finally feeling okay to give away my mailing address.

Anu Harchu
P.O. Box - 104
Ulaanbaatar - 16081

All Good Things

I would have to say this movie was a very creepy story and I won't hide the fact that I wanted to watch it because Ryan Gosling was in it. LOL.

All Good Things is a mystery and suspense film based on real life story, starring Ryan Gosling as David Marks and Kirsten Dunst as Katherine Marks. The story covers 1971-2003 period.

The eldest son of a major real estate investor and tycoon in New York - David - coincidentally encounters a beautiful, young lade who wants to study in medical school - Katie. Though David's father doesn't really approve of Katie, he marries her and moves away. Eventually when David's father convinces him to come back to work for him in New-York, David's family starts to fall apart.

After or while watching it, David Marks is obviously a psychological case who was traumatized after seeing her mother commit suicide in from of him at his young age. The gestures he do and his father's way of perceiving them was intriguing and mysterious at the same time. If you're fan of a mystery, not necessarily the disclosure, I totally recommend you to watch it. And if you are fan of Gosling, then cherry on top.During David's best friend - Deborah Lehrman's murder trial and old case reappears - a missing person's case - the case of Katherine Marks' disappearance.

Scent of a Woman


Recently I was scolded not having already watched and loved Scent of a Woman by some friends, so I watched it. Probably the last person to watch it who claims to love movies as art.

The movie's plot in short: Charles Sims (Chris O'Donnell), a senior on scholarship who wants to continue his education at Harvard University, takes up a job of looking after and tending to a old, retired, blind army Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino) during a Thanksgiving week-end to collect some plane fair to fly back to Oregon for Christmas. But the Colonel turns out to be a lot more than just a retired, old man and during that week-end the passionate, inspiring Frank teaches Charles a lot of things - things that you won't learn in schools, things that only a man or a father can teach - in New-York.

It's always a pleasure to watch Al Pacino in his signature macho role with his charismatic character and pulling it off. Playing a blind character, having that empty eyes look, expressing the appropriate emotions on his face without his eyes but with his wrinkles must have required a lot of talent and probably good consultancy from the director. No comment on the character development, but a c'est magnifiques. Same goes for Chris O'Donnell. He made a stunning portrayal of a high school student who is smart but among those who are out of his circle and in a hard situation.

Personally, I loved the character of Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade. Him being this smooth-talking, charismatic yet handsome man who praises women in a unique sense that makes one fall (I'll admit, I loved it), until I discovered the character's intention. Surely there was the twist, but still I'd like the unrealistic idea. (can't give any spoilers, if you haven't already watched it) So here the character of Charles Sims comes in - the life-changing, young mind who has his whole future ahead of him who needs some encouragement and some pushes.

The greatest scenes: (1) The tango scene, (2) the Ferrari scene and of course (3) the disciplinary scene.

Underline: Lieut. Col. Slade is just a retired old man who makes fun with the 5-year-olds... How great was that last part.



A week ago a friend ( of mine introduced me to the new (not really new) BBC TV series, Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. Even the names of the actors are similar to the role they play in the weirdness of names.

As an avid fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series and having read all of them, I wasn't really keen on for this series, but as soon as I started watching it I was utterly hooked. I am sure if you search Sherlock you will find plenty of information on the internet, so I won't go into details.

The things I liked about Sherlock are:
- First, the titles of each episodes are similar with the original short stories and novels'. For example:
  1. Study in Scarlet became A Study in Pink
  2. Scandal in Bohemia became A Scandal in Belgravia
  3. The Hound of the Baskervilles became The Hounds of Baskerville
- Second, the story line is slightly similar to the original story, but a lot of it and the deductions are different. It is not a close follow-up of Doyle, but it still makes you feel as if you're rediscovering Sherlock Holmes in a very exciting way.

- Third, as opposed to the Sherlock Holmes featuring Robert Downey Jr. as the title role and Jude Law as Dr. Watson, the description of the roles are well maintained.
  • Sherlock Holmes: tall, lean
  • Dr. John Watson: a bit on the shorter side, a little bit bulky
- Fourth, every episode is 90 minutes long with pure delight and satisfaction, so that it doesn't get released all year, which makes it more precious.

- Fifth, it is a BBC series, so it has more substance (admit it). Thus resulting that it is in British English, which I prefer over other English accents.

- Sixth and final and not really a point-deserving, I loooove Sherlock Holmes's coat and the way he ties his scarf twisting his wrist and all. (Find more about the coat here.)

The things I didn't like about this series:
- So far, nothing.

If you are a fan of great mystery and a good 90 mins well spent, I would totally recommend you to watch Sherlock, immediately. Top notch!

P.S. In Sherlock, the title role runs a website, The Science of Deduction, and for a great delight, the site is up and running. Click here to go to the site.

P.P.S. I am utterly sorry for writing the name Sherlock so many times that you got bored of reading it.

Anime Review has been launched

I am currently watching Bakuman and after finishing the 10th episode of the first season a though, which I should have found a long time ago, occured to me. Since I already write and do video review on the films I watched and the books I read, why not do the same to the anime I watched.

It won't be like I'll be disturbing you every week by a review on the new 20 something minutes long episode of Naruto. It should be more substantial, so why not do one each season of an anime, I am too lazy to do it every week anyway. LOL.

The animation feature films like, Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro etc. won't be counted as anime, but as a Film, thus won't be included in this type of reviews.

So, I am introducing you to the new tag: "Anime Review".