Saturday, January 21, 2012

All Good Things

I would have to say this movie was a very creepy story and I won't hide the fact that I wanted to watch it because Ryan Gosling was in it. LOL.

All Good Things is a mystery and suspense film based on real life story, starring Ryan Gosling as David Marks and Kirsten Dunst as Katherine Marks. The story covers 1971-2003 period.

The eldest son of a major real estate investor and tycoon in New York - David - coincidentally encounters a beautiful, young lade who wants to study in medical school - Katie. Though David's father doesn't really approve of Katie, he marries her and moves away. Eventually when David's father convinces him to come back to work for him in New-York, David's family starts to fall apart.

After or while watching it, David Marks is obviously a psychological case who was traumatized after seeing her mother commit suicide in from of him at his young age. The gestures he do and his father's way of perceiving them was intriguing and mysterious at the same time. If you're fan of a mystery, not necessarily the disclosure, I totally recommend you to watch it. And if you are fan of Gosling, then cherry on top.During David's best friend - Deborah Lehrman's murder trial and old case reappears - a missing person's case - the case of Katherine Marks' disappearance.