Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Bit of a Drunken Thoughts

I am a Romantic who thinks that there is the one for everyone and before that every other ones are just ones. And there is no another the one when it has passed. I believe in the true, I mean really true, feelings last forever and no matter what it works out. I don't believe in people splitting up, I don't believe in divorce, I don't believe in the fact that we are here to die, I don't believe that were are just a mere spectrum in the whole, big universe out there that you don't mean a shit to it, I don't believe in only a man and a woman can share special feelings and I don't believe that it ends.

I believe in love, I belive in faith and I believe in respect no matter the form, no matter the subjects, no matter the objects, no matter the placings, no matter the cause, no matter the outcome, no matter the ideals and no matter the religion as long as they're mutual, even they're not really.