Sunday, January 22, 2012

I moved, again.

So, do you remember to time that I was newbie, who was just exploring Tumblr then fell in love with it for the Android app and moved from Blogspot to here and settled down? I guess I wasn't that settled after all.

Recently I've started missing Blogspot for the settle feeling it provided which Tumblr doesn't seem to give. Still, I can't make myself go back to Blogspot or just abandon it. So, what is a better choice than opening another blogging platform? LOL.

The main advantage that Posterous is providing me is the "autopost". I don't have to close down my other services, I'll just keep posting to them through it. That doesn't mean all the post on my Tumblr will be autoposts from Posterous, but in Blogspot's case, that might be true. Either way, anyone can follow my blogs and reviews on whatever service he/she uses. Links will be on Facebook profile and Twitter as well. Win/Win situation.

I'll keep posting to my Tumblr some Tumblrish materials aside from Posterous. But once in a while some "serious" posts will be autoposted into it. *wink*

Anu Harchu

P.S. Here are the different blogging platforms I'm using: