Monday, January 23, 2012

@Nomuna_T at Nayra

For a Mongolian traditional calendar thing we have nine nines, if you don't already know it. The first nine starts on Dec. 22nd and it continues for 81 days marking the date of the  coming of spring. Every nine has its special title. Among all of them, the third and the fourth nines are the coldest, and you pass that period, you're good to go.

Today is the mid-fourth nine, at this moment, the moment I am typing these words, I am sitting in Nayra Cafe (no surprise there) on a Monday afternoon around 4-5 PM. The place is full of people, mostly foreign people, seeking some nice and warm place to hang out rather than wandering around outside.

I am quite enjoying myselft with Nomuna hovering beside me, though there are these insanely annoying, bad-mouthed two boys, not men boys, sitting at my back that is bringing the heck out of me. Screw them.

Now that Nomuna has come, I'll end this post.