Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BBC Sherlock Music from Season 2

The music from the Season 2 of Sherlock fromt BBC One was released on February 27th in the UK. The scores were composed by David Arnold and Michael Price. While watching the series, I personally liked the scores of season 2 more than that of season 1, especially those of A Scandal in Belgravia (2*1). It didn't disappoint me in the least and after just listening to the whole album in one go, feels pretty awesome. You can follow the whole season by listening to the scores. The scenes of the episodes flash at the back of your head with the little twist in the music.

Personal favourite: The Woman, Deduction and Deception, One More Miracle and Irene's Theme for ringtone

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Track list:

  1. Irene's Theme
  2. Potential Clients
  3. Status Symbols
  4. The Woman
  5. Dark Times
  6. Smoke Alarm
  7. SHERlocked
  8. Pursued by a Hound
  9. The Village
  10. Double Room
  11. Deeper into Baskerville
  12. To Dartmoor
  13. The Lab
  14. Mind Palace and Solution
  15. Grimm Fairy Tales
  16. Deduction and Deception
  17. Prepared to do Anything
  18. Blood on the Pavement
  19. One More Miracle

BBC Sherlock Music from Season 1

The music from the Season 1 of Sherlock fromt BBC One was released on January 30th in the UK. The scores were composed by David Arnold and Michael Price. Since watching the Season 1, the very upbeat, adventurous and "toneful" music has captured my whole mind.

Personal Favourite: The Game is On

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Track List:

  1. Opening Titles
  2. The Game is On
  3. War
  4. Pink
  5. Security Cameras
  6. Pursuit
  7. Which Bottle?
  8. Targets
  9. Library Books
  10. Number Systems
  11. Light-fingered
  12. Elegy
  13. Crates of Books
  14. Sandbag
  15. On the Move
  16. Back to Work
  17. Woman on the Slab
  18. A Man who Can
  19. Final Act

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Night Train - Цэнхэр Шувуу Цомог


Уг нь энэ цомгийг шууд татахаар интернетэд тавих нь артистад өөрсдөд нь үнэндээ яагаад ч туслахгүй. Гэхдээ сайн хөгжмийг түгээх нь сайн хэрэг гэж өөрийгөө хуураад орууллаа.
Цэнхэр Шувуу Цомог:
  1. Хайлсан Шоколад
  2. Цагаан Өнгөт Асар
  3. Дараа нь ...
  4. Бүрээтэй Дуу
  5. Үлэг Гүрвэл
  6. Шайгуру
  7. Зүүдэндээ Би
  8. Зөөлөн
  9. WWW
  10. Сүүлчийн Гэрэл Гэгээ
Bonus Tracks:
  1. Цахлай
  2. Хайр Шивнэсэн Улаанбаатар
  3. 37 он (Улаан Ой киноны дуу)
ТАТАХ (updated on May 22nd, 2013)

That awkward moment when you freak out the people you don't know

It seems like I am not the only one having this trouble around the internet. The problem is that you know a person (well, not really know) on the internet by their profile either on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, and as soon as you meet or directly chat you act as if you are already met and freak the other person out without realizing it or doing so right after.

I personally make that mistake quite a lot. But I hope that those people are the same as me and understand what had just happened. LOL. I didn't or don't mean to act like a stalker, which I am totally not.

Anu Harchu

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2046 Main Theme

The scarily eerie theme song of 2046 had not failed to chill me while I was watching the film by the recommendation of TiloValo. Thought you might like to listen to it, too.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marketa Irglova & Glen Hansard - If You Want Me

Since watching Once by the recommendation of Tsenguun (I believe), I was hooked to the soundtrack of the movie. Once is a musical drama set in Dublin showing a week's life of a guitar player, he (Glen Hansard), and a piano player, she (Marketa Irglova).

In If You Want Me, he asks her to write the lyrics to a music he compose and sing it. I loooooooove it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Current thoughts on translating

I support myself by doing freelance translating job and have been doing it for at least 5 years now. Still in university, I already hate the job, which I might be able to find at companies - translating.

Last semester I had a 2 credit Theory of Translation lecture taught by the head of the Department of Diplomatic Translation, School of Foreign Service, NUM. She is a person with great experience and knowledge, but her attitude towards the younger students were not very pleasing or even pleasant at all. Still, that doesn't matter. I had taken the class. During that 16 times of lecture, the professor always talked really low and sometimes in a very insulting manner about the modern Mongolian translator. As an amateur English language enthusiast, I didn't feel very well towards the contempt. But now I get it.

I've just finished about 100-pages of translation from English to Mongolia 3 minutes ago and I am exhausted. I lost my will to groom over it and totally given up this business or technological, mundane, and huge piles of translations. Just thought that people should study foreign languages more, so that people like me wouldn't have to suffer. Lol. But then people like me wouldn't have a source of income.

Reflecting toward that class I took last semester, I wish I'd give up on this huge piles of mundaneness and pick up some great literary book and translate, if that's what I am supposed to do. I mean translating. I don't want to do this job. (the only thought in my exhausted mind, I might say something different once I am refined but I am sure there will still be the unwilling feeling towards it) Why can't you live just by reading, huh? That life would be soooooo great for a book enthusiast like me.

Thank you for reading my early morning rambling and I am sorry if I wasted your time with this post.

Anu Harchu

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine, Everybody!

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine this year if you have a special someone to be with. And if you don't have that special someone yet, still have a great Valentine. It's not just about loved couples. It is a day of love. So show it to your loved ones, family and friends. Valentine's Day is your excuse to stay late and maybe get drunk for a change. No one will blame you. Lol.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Alex Reads Twilight

If you haven't known it, Alex Day did a "Alex Reads Twilight" series, in which he reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer chapter by chapter or 2-3 at once and gives his summary. Don't watch the playlist if you liked or loved the Twilight Saga, because his opininion is not positive. In fact, his opinion of is quite negative, in short: He hates it. But still, it was funny to watch the series. If I am not wrong, this series contributed a lot for Nerimon's popularity on YouTube.

Looking into Anu's Bag

Back in January, Hulan, a friend of mine, just brought out her camera and declared the theme of the video would be "Looking into Anu's Bag" referring to the April Fool's Day video that I made last year, in which I carry my home inside my bag - some people actually believed I carry that lot of useless stuff around. Somehow I didn't think she would publish it. But I must tell you in front, it's in Mongolian.
Check out Hulan's blog: Khulanj.com

Dear 30-year-old Charlie

Let's show some love to Charlie. (Again, Anu you should stop this CoolLike frenzy. Watching the "Dear Future Charlie" video, being very funny and all, I want to do the same. But did I already do it on my blog???

Monday, February 6, 2012

Forever Yours

Alex Day has petitioned this song to be the number one in the UK chart for last Christmas.He didn't make it. LOL, still it made a great impact. Charlie McDonnell made a video for the song. Check it out down below.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time to Reply

So I was watching Charlie McDonnell's channel, and the last video he uploaded was him singing Time to Reply, which I really loved. His BandCamp link was included in the description box, so I bought it. I bought my first song from the internet paying with PayPal. Since the talk of SOPA and everything, I gladly paid for this song because it was worth it. (Don't know how it can be related to SOPA and such.)

Enjoy the song!

P.S. Check out the video to see his comments on the song. Awkward.