Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BBC Sherlock Music from Season 2

The music from the Season 2 of Sherlock fromt BBC One was released on February 27th in the UK. The scores were composed by David Arnold and Michael Price. While watching the series, I personally liked the scores of season 2 more than that of season 1, especially those of A Scandal in Belgravia (2*1). It didn't disappoint me in the least and after just listening to the whole album in one go, feels pretty awesome. You can follow the whole season by listening to the scores. The scenes of the episodes flash at the back of your head with the little twist in the music.

Personal favourite: The Woman, Deduction and Deception, One More Miracle and Irene's Theme for ringtone

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Track list:

  1. Irene's Theme
  2. Potential Clients
  3. Status Symbols
  4. The Woman
  5. Dark Times
  6. Smoke Alarm
  7. SHERlocked
  8. Pursued by a Hound
  9. The Village
  10. Double Room
  11. Deeper into Baskerville
  12. To Dartmoor
  13. The Lab
  14. Mind Palace and Solution
  15. Grimm Fairy Tales
  16. Deduction and Deception
  17. Prepared to do Anything
  18. Blood on the Pavement
  19. One More Miracle