Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Current thoughts on translating

I support myself by doing freelance translating job and have been doing it for at least 5 years now. Still in university, I already hate the job, which I might be able to find at companies - translating.

Last semester I had a 2 credit Theory of Translation lecture taught by the head of the Department of Diplomatic Translation, School of Foreign Service, NUM. She is a person with great experience and knowledge, but her attitude towards the younger students were not very pleasing or even pleasant at all. Still, that doesn't matter. I had taken the class. During that 16 times of lecture, the professor always talked really low and sometimes in a very insulting manner about the modern Mongolian translator. As an amateur English language enthusiast, I didn't feel very well towards the contempt. But now I get it.

I've just finished about 100-pages of translation from English to Mongolia 3 minutes ago and I am exhausted. I lost my will to groom over it and totally given up this business or technological, mundane, and huge piles of translations. Just thought that people should study foreign languages more, so that people like me wouldn't have to suffer. Lol. But then people like me wouldn't have a source of income.

Reflecting toward that class I took last semester, I wish I'd give up on this huge piles of mundaneness and pick up some great literary book and translate, if that's what I am supposed to do. I mean translating. I don't want to do this job. (the only thought in my exhausted mind, I might say something different once I am refined but I am sure there will still be the unwilling feeling towards it) Why can't you live just by reading, huh? That life would be soooooo great for a book enthusiast like me.

Thank you for reading my early morning rambling and I am sorry if I wasted your time with this post.

Anu Harchu