Saturday, March 10, 2012

Android apps that might come in handy

I am a undergraduate student majoring in International Economic Relations, who is interested in social networking, blogging, reading modern literature and watching TV series such as The Big Bang Theory, House MD and Sherlock from BBC. I use Samsung Galaxy SII with Android 2.3.4.

Here are some apps you might find helpful to your everyday life if you are like me or so on. Basically it is a list of useful Android apps that  I use in the alphabetical order.

1. Amazon Kindle - Converting my illegally obtained ebooks in to a Kindle format (.mobi) and reading them on my smartphone really helps on completing my goal of books to read when the audiobook version in not available for pirating.

2. Any.DO - The best to-do list there is on the market (Google Play) featuring tasks to note under "Today", "Tomorrow", "This Week", "Later". Also it provides sorting by date, folder and priority ans syncing. Different sizes of widgets are included (3*3, 4*1, 4*4 and 4*2).

3. AudioBook Player - Because I listen to audiobook constantly on the way, the need to separate the MP3 audiobook files and the music files on my phone. This app lists the files only in folder/subfolder with "audiobook" section. Also it remembers the place of your reading so no need to take notes. 

4. BBC News - Personally I like BBC as the source of news, because it provides equal attention on the affairs worldwide unlike the most US centered news stations. Because it is the official app of BBC Worldwide Limited, there will be no lagging and true content. The interface is nice, but the text sizing (-a ... +A) is not fully working on Galaxy SII.

5. Box - This is a file sharing platform that can be accessed from your smartphone and your computer using web browser. The difference from the other sharing platforms is that you can open and modify the document on the platform without having to download or change the directory.


6. Class Buddy Lite - Register the lessons you're taking according to the semester you took with custom assigned names, while keeping the data of the Lecturer, number of credit of the lesson, the grade of the lesson, room number, schedules. Not very good for everyday use, but you can calculate your GPA from the marks that are provided.

7. Evernote for Android - The open office note taking program Evernote is on Android now. You can sync it between you smartphone app, PC program and web access with your ID.

8. Facebook - Having the most popular social networking service on the go is, well, easy.

9. Foursquare - This app is essentially designed for checking in into places. Other infos, tips, directions, pictures, contact information, Twitter username and zipcodes are included. Plus, you get to compete with your friends using the different points fromt the last week collected from checking into places.

10. GetGlue - This is basically Foursquare for entertainment. You can check in to TV, Movies, Books and Topic etc and share your opinion on the wall.

11. Gmail - For anyone who uses their Gmail account primarily, you would like to receive you e-mails realtime, wouldn't you? Okay, whether you want it or not, it is preinstalled on your phone if you have an Android phone anyway.

12. Goodreads - Goodreads is for keeping the books you're reading in track with the dates you read them and with your review and ratings. The app is the official app of Goodreads.

13. HomeWork - This app is for keeping the information of your class schedule, exam dates and homework, also widget for that day's class schedule and homework is included in different sizes (2*2, 4*1, 4*2 and 4*4).

14. Hotmail - The official app for MSN Hotmail. Having the official app for every e-mail address I use is, well, useful.

15. IMDb - The official app for the best information site on movies and TV when you want to know who's in something or who directed some movie. Must have for a film junkie.

16. Indiana Jones - This is a whipping app with the sound of whipping from Indiana Jones. After watching the The Big Bang Theory 5*19 The Weekend Vortex, using a whipping app for a punchline is very funny. LOL.

17. KakaoTalk - Very broad free internet messaging app. Free texting and group chatting enabled. Includes a lot of friend. (Runner-up for my Comparison of Communication Apps blog)

18. Lightbox - It's basically Instagram for Android. You can autopost the photos you upload to other services: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr.

19. Line - Free texting and calling app when you have internet access. (Winner for my Comparison of Communication Apps blog)

20. LinkedIn - The official app for LinkedIn service. The web access of this is quite official networking system. Recommended to have an account on it, if you don't already.

21. Mail - The official app for Yahoo! Mail. Having the official app for every e-mail address I use is, well, useful.

22. Pixlr-o-matic - Very good picture optimizing app. Includes a lot of nice filters and frames. Saves the pictures on phone, not having to upload it to anywhere. Got featured on the Market currently.

23. Pose - Share the look directly from your phone and tag the garments with provided brand listing to your profile. Available through web access.

24. Shazam - Wanna know the artist and the title of a song that is being played while you're at a coffee shop or some other place? Shazam is for you.

25. Skype - Skype on the go. Nothing more needed, I suppose.

26. Translate - Google Translate is quite helpful when you don't understand the meaning of a whole context. I use it for French>English and English>French, and with some tinkering the sentence becomes, well, acceptable.

27. Tumblr - The official app for microblogging platform Tumblr enables you to post directly from your phone. My Tumblr:

28. Twitter - Quickest status/information sharing on the go. Multiple accounts are enabled.