Sunday, April 29, 2012

#photoadayApril (29) Circle

Today's theme for #photoadayApril is circle and you can almost enter anything for this one. Good thinking, Chantelle! So for me, I am putting this cute bow ring that I got as a present couple of years ago. It's a circle too.


20120428: 50th Anniversary of the First Opera Class

The continuation of the previous day (April 28th) post became much more interesting. My sister, my mom and I got dressed up and went to watch Viva L'Opera tribute concert for the 60th anniversary of Mongolian opera classes.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

morning of 20120428

Yesterday I got this hand-made, fair-trade scarf made by a woman from Uvs province, and I looooove it.

Good news: I am watching an opera today, will upload some photos if I take my camera with me.

Good luck, everyone!

Friday, April 27, 2012

#photoadayApril (27) Someplace I went

Today's entry is under the theme of Somewhere You Went. Since I am not using photos taken by phone and I didn't take me camera today, I am using a Foursquare screenshot.

Yeah, I am a social network junkie that uses most of the decent and free apps out there. LOL.

This is The Face Shop that is at Tserendorj's Street. I went there to find a retractable lip brush and instead I bought this pastel (not really) yellow nail varnish because I found the brush at a different counter for a cheaper price. Economical! The colour is YL701, if you are interested.

pot of tea

The Pot of Tea pots at Nayra are so cute, even though they didn't give me the matching lid for it. I am not a tea-person, so that I get to enjoy these moments at my favourite coffee shop. BTW, it is in danger of being replaced by Bugis. Haven't really been to different coffee shops except Caffe Ti-amo. So if you have a nice place to recommend, please do. I'd love to switch things up a bit.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

#photoadayApril (26) Black + White

Today's entry for the #photoadayApril challenge is under Black + White. I really tried finding things that is black and white. Me being me, my luck was bad. So here is a black and white shot.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#photoadayApril (25) Looking down

Looking down probably have meant to shoot your bottoms and shoes. Anyway, I'll go with me looking down.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#photoadayApril (24) Something I am grateful for

20120425_182620I am grateful for having a hand cream everyday in my handbag. LOL. The three things that I always keep in my bag are: liquid hand soap (in a small container of course), hand sanitizer and hand cream for the moments when I want some "clean" moment during the day especially in spring.

Monday, April 23, 2012

#photoadayMay challenge list is up

Today, Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim released the list of the next month's photo challenge. Click on the link to have directed to her blog post.

I am not sure if I'll be doing the challenge on my blog here as I am doing the #PHOTOADAYAPRIL challenge; probably yes or possibly not. If not, I definitely will be doing it on my Intagram; I'm AnuHarchu on Instagram.

#photoadayApril (23) Vegetable

We and Terka tried to have a veggie dinner the other day (Saturday) and I should mention that Mr. Wang has divine Baked Broccoli is amazing. Totally recommended and they are the entry for 23th #PHOTOADAYAPRIL challenge.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

#photoadayApril (21) Bottle

I worked for an Education Exhibition and the International Recruiter of the school I worked for gifted me with this neon blue, tin bottle with the school emblem and everything.

Also it is the 21st entry for the #PHOTOADAYAPRIL challenge.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

#photoadayApril (19) Orange

I have just discovered that my camera (Nikon CoolPix P500) has a built-in selective colour filter - just like Nikon 5100D. One of the colour filters is ORANGE, what is better to use for this than that, right?

The object is a little-ish pouch I keep my pens, pencils, ruler ... etc.



Sainaa, Terka and I had lunch at Twinkle, a really student-y diner.

The Face Shop at the Sambuu's Street carries the whole Face It BB cream line and a little few of others as well. Which one to buy? Well, I already bought one.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

20120417: so i went to post office today

About two weeks ago I ordered a bunch of hard case for my phone from a site called Trait Tech and finally they showed up in a little box separately packed in their plastic bags. They are quite cute and I am looking forward to dress up my phone.

P.S. I am wearing the Union Jack first thing tomorrow.
P.P.S. This is my 700th published post.





#photoadayApril (17) Something I don't like

Day 17

Monday, April 16, 2012

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

The Song post will be Foster The People's Pumped Up Kicks. The soundcloud widget is embedded from their official account, so go and follow it.

And why not throw the VEVO video of the song also.

Extended week-ends (14th-16th)

Saturday: English Language competition among undergrad students with two different levels: Intermediate and Advanced, to which 5 students attended from each school for each level. I participated in the Advanced level and apparently it was a disaster. Me and two other girls attended with me, Uyanga and Dulguun, just went for a coffee and shtufff.


#photoadayApril (16) Flower


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lisa for simple make-up

I have been watching the Lisa Eldridge's videos I've missed and eventually Googled her columns on Elle UK. Then I've stumbled upon a biographical interview she did with Red Online and the very last paragraph caught my eyes so much, because I think this is exactly the path I am on that she's suggesting.
My best tip: keep your make-up simple. People try to be too adventurous too quickly. Get the basics sorted and, once you're good at that, add a red lip. If your skin looks great and you've got one thing right - say great eyeliner - then perfect. Simplicity is key.
For those who doesn't know who Lisa Eldridge is, she is a highly professional make-up artist and does the cover photo make-up for Vogue, Elle, 10 Years Younger - all the famous British magazines. Visit for her blog, video tutorials, advice and beauty tips.

#photoadayApril (15) Sunset at the lake Hovsgol

Because I missed the sunset today, I am posting a picture that I took back in August. Checked my archive from today and before for the theme, but the latest one I found was on August 10th when I was by the lake Hovsgol in Hovsgol province, the north-most in Mongolia, working as a tour guide.



EPIC debate on GOD

I read this post shared on Mishka's facebook wall and just felt awesome. Awesome not because I believe in God, which isn't true, awesome because the whole debate - the battle was EPIC.

Will totally understand if you think this debate lacks arguments, because I share that opinion too. But just the conversation is awesome.

Bear with me and finish it, please. And enjoy!

The Civil Wars - Kingdom Come

I found this track while listening to The Hunger Games soundtrack and enjoyed it a lot. Really hope you will do the same.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I can't stomach coffee anymore

Most of us are familiar with the mild symptoms of caffeine overdose. The first time you had one of those giant mugs of cappuccino you probably got a bad case of the trembles and twitches, where your hands literally wouldn't stop shaking, or you developed an uncontrolled twitch of the eyelid. In bed that night, you probably ran out of sheep to count long before you managed to drift off into the land of nod. The next day you may have awakened to a soft stool during your morning trip to the bathroom.

Many of the symptoms of caffeine overdose at this early stage are like the symptoms of having too much alcohol. You might, for example, feel a little tipsy and have difficulty feeling solidly balanced on you feet. You probably make frequent trips to the bathroom to purge yourself of liquids, yet find yourself continuing to feel thirsty.

I want to add nausea, migraine and wholesome grumpiness.

Source: Overdose Symptoms

Caffeine is well absorbed and the peak blood levels occur about 45 to 60 minutes after caffeine consumption. Caffeine is well known for it's stimulant effects on the brain, blood pressure and pulse rate, and the increased production of stomach acid.
The effects of caffeine can last as long as 12 hours but usually tolerance develops after about 4 days of regular use. Unfortunately, caffeine can have long term effects on the body. Since caffeine increases the production of stomach acid, caffeine can cause acid reflux or worsen ulcer symptoms. Insomnia and poor sleep are psychological effects of caffeine.
Regular use of caffeine can cause a lack of sleep resulting in fatigue and anxiety. Common complaints with caffeine use include nausea, nervousness, dizziness, and irritability. Studies also have been done on coffee and it's association with stomach pain. Research has been done showing that some chemicals in coffee can cause the stomach to produce more hydrochloric acid which can lead to symptoms of stomach pain, acid reflux and nausea. 
Researchers have exposed stomach cells to a variety of different coffee components and 3 culprits were discovered: caffeine, N-alkonoly-5-hydroxytrytamides and catechols. Another chemical called N-methylpyridium or NMP is thought to turn off the stomach's acid production and reduces the stomach pain people experience when coffee is consumed. NMP is not found in the raw coffee bean so it is produced when the coffee is roasted. The longer the coffee bean is roasted, the more acid-blocking NMP is produced. Thus, dark roasted coffee is easier on the stomach. 
Options to reduce stomach pain when drinking coffee is to choose a darker roasted coffee, use decaffeinated or try switching different brands of coffee. If stomach pain or nausea becomes too bothersome consult with a physician. 
- Kimberly Hotz, PharmD

Source: Everyday Health

#photoadayApril (14) How I feel today

April 14th started so good and funky to me today, but then it turned into this. SHITTY and COLOURLESS. This is the foulest I've been this day. Afterwards, it became kinda good.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Гоо сайхны бүтээгдэхүүний нэршил яагаад орчуулагчын хуурамч нөхөд байгаад байна?

Cover Girl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation ( can use them one by one or mixed together to get my shade:- 315 Bamboo- 335 Dune
Их дэлгүүр ч юм уу, The Face Shop ч юм уу энд байгаа гоо сайхны дэлгүүрт орохоор нэр томъёоны зөрчил гарах юм аа.

Foundation -ыг крем гэнэ. Cream (тос) -ыг лосион гэнэ. Eyeliner -ыг контур гэнэ. Contour -ыг хацар өнгөлөгч гэнэ. Blush (хацар өнгөлөгч) -ыг болохоор бас хацар өнгөлөгч гэнэ. BB cream -ыг зөвхөн крем орлогч гэнэ.

Шал дургүй хүрмээр юм.

P.S. Орчуулгын онолд "орчуулагчын хуурамч нөхөд" гэдэг нь харилцан орчуулж байгаа хоёр хэлэнд аль алинд нь байдаг мөртлөө өөр утга илэрхийлдэг үгсийг хэлдэг. Жишээ нь: Англи хэлний artist гэсэн үг нь орос хэлний артист гэдэг үгтэй утга дүйцэхгүй.

#photoadayApril (12) Stairs

Today's theme for #PHOTOADAYAPRIL is Stairs. So, here are some stairs in my school - School of Foreign Service, National University of Mongolia.



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#photoadayApril (11) Where I ate Breakfast

I usually don't get a chance to have breakfast at home, so at most times, I try to manage out. There is a little Grab & Go food truck beside my school building, except it is not a truck. Today, I had a mini pizza, except it wasn't a pizza.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#photoadayApril (10) Cold Drinks for a Hot Day

+4 wouldn't necessarily mean "hot", but still for the fall/spring clothes I was wearing, the weather is really hot. So for a class of cold Pepsi with four cubes of ice seems very appropriate for today's entry of #PHOTOADAYAPRIL challenge that is under Cold.



Monday, April 9, 2012

Cherry Candy | Maybelline Lipstick

You gotta love it when you just stumble upon what you have been searching for without intending to. A perfect lip colour for me: Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color 550 Cherry Candy


#photoadayApril (9) Younger Me

Today's entry for #PHOTOADAYAPRIL is under Younger You and here is a photo that is on my wall pinched between small bamboo stripes. I don't really know when was this photo taken, I might as mom later. Anyway, Me - Mommy's girl.

P.S. Does my present look resemble that of my mom back then?


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trailers #1

The Amazing Spiderman

The Bourne Legacy

Dark Shadows

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


Owl Animal Symbolism

The owl is sacred to the Greek goddess of learning, Athena and is even depicted on some Greco-Roman currency as a symbol of status, intelligence and of course, wealth.

In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures the symbolic meaning of owl revolved around guardianship of the underworlds, and a protection of the dead.

In this light the owl was ruler of the night and seer of souls. A misunderstanding of this necessary relationship gave the owl some negative associations with death.

It should be clear that the owl was honoured as the keeper of spirits who had passed from one plane to another. Often myth indicates the owl accompanying a spirit to the underworld - winging it's newly freed soul from the physical world into the realm of spirit.

Cymera for Android

Clicking on the photo will lead you to the Android app page.

This is an example photo taken by the app with 2*1 setting.
This week's recommended Android app is Cymera, photo editing and sharing app. Cymera carries its own camera that gives you chances of choosing from different lenses: Basic, 2*2, 4*1, 1*4, 2*1, Fisheye and Sprocket. After taking a photo the editing sector includes: rotating, cropping, auto leveling, brightness, contrasting, saturation, sharpening. Then you can use various filters included (Vanilla, Warmth, Embers, Atomic, Sweet, Clear, Sparkly, Sunset, Stain, Float, Sunlit, Retro, Organic, Pale blue, Sky blue, Haze, Fallow, Tuner, Cloudy, Charcoal) with the various borders as well. After processing the photo you took, you can save it and share wherever you wanted to.

Only one disadvantage: It seems like you can't load a previously taken photo. 

#photoadayApril (8) Inside My Wallet

Today's entry for #PHOTOADAYAPRIL challenge is under the theme of Inside Your Wallet. Here is the series of photos of my recently acquired cute pouch and what's inside it everyday: some cash, some bonus cards, some bank cards and some receipts.

#PHOTOADAYAPRIL (8) Inside My Wallet

I need a break

I can't wait to be done with this semester and go away for at least a week or two without any family and friends, and just ... explore.

Taken in the train while coming back home from Darkhan.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

#photoadayApril (7) Shadow

Today's entry for #PHOTOADAYAPRIL challenge is under the theme of Shadow. On Saturdays, you should go out for a walk, at least, and this might be what you find.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Tsozo sent me a Turkish poem


Tsozo, my best-friend since high school, who is studying in Sapporo, Japan has just sent me a friendship poem in Turkish. We both went to school a Turkish high school, so conversation between us in the language is normal. Here it is:
İyilik meleği gibisin,
Parlak yıldız gibisin,
Bir gül gibisin,
Her şey sensin,
Biricik arkadaşım.

Başka ne diyeyim sana,
Hayatım desem hayat kısa,
Güneşim desem güneş batıyor,
Gülüm desem o da soluyor,
Sana en iyi arkadaşım demeliyim,
Çünkü arkadaşlığımız hiç bitmeyecek!
Sorry, I can't translate it keeping up with the rhyme. Maybe Google Translate it, if you aren't familiar? But trust me on this, this is lovely and heart-warming.

I got a new wrist watch

Today I went "shopping" to find a tube of hand cream. But good things happen and I found the "perfect" watch I've been looking for over 3 months now.
  1. It is in male design.
  2. It's silver - stainless steel without any colouring.
  3. It has a big enough face.
  4. It has only 12 in numbering.
  5. It has weekdays, dates, place in 24-hour system.
  6. It has black face.
  7. And it wasn't ridiculously expensive, in fact pretty cheap.

I had 2 small parts removed from each side for fitting and it's kinda still big. But all in all, it is the "perfect" watch. (Casio MTP-1174)

The strange thing is that every time I go out to buy a hand cream, I always find something else that I needed for some time. Marvelous, isn't it?


#photoadayApril (6) Lunch/Brunch: Pizza Bread

The entry for today in #PHOTOADAYAPRIL is under the theme of Lunch. For my lunch - more like a brunch - me and Terka got the Pizza Bread from the nearest Wendy Bakery in Urgoo 2 Cinema from our university.

Pizza Bread there is basically a horizontally sliced half bagel with their normal Sausage pizza toppings. And it is for a same price! Probably not really a gain, but it's a lot fun with crisps.

#PHOTOADAYAPRIL (6) Lunch: Pizza Bread

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Instagram for Android


If you've been keeping up with the late Instragram news, there has been some rumours going around that they are releasing it on Android finally and the promo video has showed up on the internet. Then it became a scam to get the Android users excited for the picture sharing hipster app, one of whom was me. But out of no where, B-A-M!!! It's on the Play Store. The well known iOS app - Instagram was launched on Android April 3, 2012. The official announcement on its blog can be found here.

I've downloaded and installed it today, explored it more throughout the day. And the verdict is: It's a keeper. I was thinking to use Flickr as my photo sharing for every purpose, of which I wasn't really proud of and other services I wasn't satisfied with (Lightbox, picplz, etc.). But I am glad that Instagram is there for my more Tumblr-y photos. Definitely recommended.

Here is the very first photo that I uploaded to my Instagram account.


#photoadayApril (5) Tiny

Today's entry for #PHOTOADAYAPRIL, under Tiny, I am posting this cute little 7 ml (0.24 fl. oz.) DKNY Be Delicious: Fresh Blossoms Parfum that a friend of mine gave for my birthday, this January.

Thanks, Nomin! I love it.


Flickr Android App

Click on the picture be redirected to this app on Play Store.
Since I have "moved" back to Blogger as my main blogging platform, I have started using Flickr as the main photo sharing space instead of just using the default settings. Then I purchased Flickr pro account and there wasn't a stop for it. I know that people use it for more "sophisticated" use, but I hope my mobile phone uploads especially when they are in private for only my blog, it wouldn't bother anybody. LOL.

The Flickr Official Android app has made it a lot easier to share the photos I took by my phone to the space without having to wait to sync it and the end of the day. Also similar to other mobile photo sharing platforms, it provides several type of filters to apply for the uploads, and sharing to your social network (even to Blogger and Tumblr) is possible.

Hope you'll like it if you don't, and if you do, hope you're enjoying it a lot.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#photoadayApril (4) People who make me happy

Today's entry for the #PHOTOADAYAPRIL challenge is under the theme - Someone who makes you happy. So, I am putting in the picture of my family - my lovely sister and my courageous mother. Family means the people who always stick with you for better or for worse, in any situation you are, whether happy or sad, you can fall back on them and they'll be there. That's what makes me so damn happy that I have a wonderful even with its ups and downs.

P.S. My sister is standing on her tip-toes, and me and my mom are leaning on sides - we're not shorter than her, YET. LOL.


Regular Breakfast

Every morning having a breakfast with my family is a very heart warming and wholesome thing, even though I don't usually have breakfast when I have early class, which is almost every week days.

Anyway, I'd suggest you do to. It's good as a family thing and it's supposed to be good for your health and digestive thingy.