Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cymera for Android

Clicking on the photo will lead you to the Android app page.

This is an example photo taken by the app with 2*1 setting.
This week's recommended Android app is Cymera, photo editing and sharing app. Cymera carries its own camera that gives you chances of choosing from different lenses: Basic, 2*2, 4*1, 1*4, 2*1, Fisheye and Sprocket. After taking a photo the editing sector includes: rotating, cropping, auto leveling, brightness, contrasting, saturation, sharpening. Then you can use various filters included (Vanilla, Warmth, Embers, Atomic, Sweet, Clear, Sparkly, Sunset, Stain, Float, Sunlit, Retro, Organic, Pale blue, Sky blue, Haze, Fallow, Tuner, Cloudy, Charcoal) with the various borders as well. After processing the photo you took, you can save it and share wherever you wanted to.

Only one disadvantage: It seems like you can't load a previously taken photo.