Monday, April 16, 2012

Extended week-ends (14th-16th)

Saturday: English Language competition among undergrad students with two different levels: Intermediate and Advanced, to which 5 students attended from each school for each level. I participated in the Advanced level and apparently it was a disaster. Me and two other girls attended with me, Uyanga and Dulguun, just went for a coffee and shtufff.




Sunday: I lay like dead in my bed until afternoon and then fully engaged the house cleaning mode. LOL. Nothing really exciting, except getting a small, new and convenient organized drawers for storing small beauty/make-up stuff.

Monday: The lessons on this day were cancelled, so I had an extended week-end alone. Asked on twitter if anyone wanted to hang out, no one answered soon enough. So I went out alone, walked, crashed at my grandparents' after having several cupping glasses put on my back.