Thursday, April 5, 2012

Flickr Android App

Click on the picture be redirected to this app on Play Store.
Since I have "moved" back to Blogger as my main blogging platform, I have started using Flickr as the main photo sharing space instead of just using the default settings. Then I purchased Flickr pro account and there wasn't a stop for it. I know that people use it for more "sophisticated" use, but I hope my mobile phone uploads especially when they are in private for only my blog, it wouldn't bother anybody. LOL.

The Flickr Official Android app has made it a lot easier to share the photos I took by my phone to the space without having to wait to sync it and the end of the day. Also similar to other mobile photo sharing platforms, it provides several type of filters to apply for the uploads, and sharing to your social network (even to Blogger and Tumblr) is possible.

Hope you'll like it if you don't, and if you do, hope you're enjoying it a lot.