Friday, April 6, 2012

I got a new wrist watch

Today I went "shopping" to find a tube of hand cream. But good things happen and I found the "perfect" watch I've been looking for over 3 months now.
  1. It is in male design.
  2. It's silver - stainless steel without any colouring.
  3. It has a big enough face.
  4. It has only 12 in numbering.
  5. It has weekdays, dates, place in 24-hour system.
  6. It has black face.
  7. And it wasn't ridiculously expensive, in fact pretty cheap.

I had 2 small parts removed from each side for fitting and it's kinda still big. But all in all, it is the "perfect" watch. (Casio MTP-1174)

The strange thing is that every time I go out to buy a hand cream, I always find something else that I needed for some time. Marvelous, isn't it?