Thursday, April 5, 2012

Instagram for Android


If you've been keeping up with the late Instragram news, there has been some rumours going around that they are releasing it on Android finally and the promo video has showed up on the internet. Then it became a scam to get the Android users excited for the picture sharing hipster app, one of whom was me. But out of no where, B-A-M!!! It's on the Play Store. The well known iOS app - Instagram was launched on Android April 3, 2012. The official announcement on its blog can be found here.

I've downloaded and installed it today, explored it more throughout the day. And the verdict is: It's a keeper. I was thinking to use Flickr as my photo sharing for every purpose, of which I wasn't really proud of and other services I wasn't satisfied with (Lightbox, picplz, etc.). But I am glad that Instagram is there for my more Tumblr-y photos. Definitely recommended.

Here is the very first photo that I uploaded to my Instagram account.