Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lisa for simple make-up

I have been watching the Lisa Eldridge's videos I've missed and eventually Googled her columns on Elle UK. Then I've stumbled upon a biographical interview she did with Red Online and the very last paragraph caught my eyes so much, because I think this is exactly the path I am on that she's suggesting.
My best tip: keep your make-up simple. People try to be too adventurous too quickly. Get the basics sorted and, once you're good at that, add a red lip. If your skin looks great and you've got one thing right - say great eyeliner - then perfect. Simplicity is key.
For those who doesn't know who Lisa Eldridge is, she is a highly professional make-up artist and does the cover photo make-up for Vogue, Elle, 10 Years Younger - all the famous British magazines. Visit for her blog, video tutorials, advice and beauty tips.