Friday, May 4, 2012


I gotta say today didn't feel like Friday at all. It was just another school day that didn't promise the luxury of sleeping in the next day. But I hope you had a fun day.

One more thing, the research seminar on Mongolian Elections using HOS model was introduced today and I got the do the protocols. If you're interested in how it went, click here to see the presentation.

Now we are at the part where I post a couple of photos I took today.

Rouge flats, rouge life. The legs belong to (LOL) my classmate Bulgaa. She is an amazing girl.
I am intending to get one pair of red flats too, but the pair that I found were sold out in my size. :-(
The grandfather satchel. One of the things I wish MY grandfather had and I get to wear them now.
And this belongs to Jaq Jaq.