Tuesday, May 22, 2012

first impression made by sherlock and cal

with my addiction of detective stories, i've watched bbc's sherlock too many times and tim roth's lie to me decent number of time; and the first cool scene in sherlock is when holmes recites how he had figured out watson's background just by his mobile phone in a taxi going to the 4th crime scene, and the following conversation happens:
watson: that ... was amazing.
sherlock: do you really think so.
watson: yes, that was extraordinary ... quite extraordinary.
sherlock: that's not what people normally say.
watson: what do people normally say?
sherlock: piss off.
lie to me
well, that makes sense. but when i watch lie to me, they are quote by an FBI agent character "bunch of 'scientists' running around and pointing at people" and no one, i say no one, directly get onto the same level of anger, which doesn't make sense at all. the lightman group analysts are kinda overwhelmingly into and over the top with the work that they do in a way that can't get away with it as my very favourite sherlock do.