Wednesday, May 23, 2012

healthier diet

supper i had the
other day
i've been thinking; the life of non-concern food should end, at least for now. since the semester is officially over for me and in 10 days i'll be done with my exams, why not follow a healthier diet and if it works out well, follow it through-out my internship, of which i'll post about later.

this kind of pear can be
found at Family Mart
healthier diet will help during a stressful time of exam (hopefully) and with the warm summer weather coming, a little light food won't do any harm. so here is a few guidelines i'm gonna follow as long as possible for the coming ... months:
  1. no carbonated drinks - no cola, no soda, no ginger ale, no pepsi, no mountain dew ...
  2. drink more herbal tea and at least 2 litres of water, mineral or boiled, everyday
  3. buckwheat instead of rice (i already replaced my white bread with black bread)
  4. no hard fried food - more steamed food
  5. more fruit - the fresher the better. no dried fruit.
  6. no red meat - only white meat if meat is necessarily desired (i don't usually like meat in warm weather anyway)
please, suggesting anything that should be on this list concerning a healthier diet for me.

p.s. this only concerns the diet, i totally understand that i need more healthy exercise system except walking and turning hoops.