Tuesday, May 15, 2012

i've watched the avengers

we, as in my class, were planning to go and watch the avengers today during our free period at the nearest cinema - urgoo 2. it just didn't work out. but i guess i wasn't going to not watch it as soon as possible, because i've been putting it up for a while now (not really, just 3 days).

even though all the seats at urgoo-1 were booked for the day, i waited by the counter for the shower of cancellation 30 minutes before the showing. luckily we (as in me and gerel) got like the best seats ever in the hall: row 10 - seat 15, 16.

on to the movie itself, it was the best 2 hours i've spent ever (as i already tweeted). not sure if i should do a reviews, i don't think anyone would need a review of the film prior to watching it. anyway, if avengers is available in your country or around you and you haven't watched it yet, go watch it as soon as the opportunity strikes (with finals coming up around the corner and everything).

suit up!

p.s. i spotted stan lee on the first trying. you'll do the same, he's very out there.