Saturday, June 2, 2012


The very first day I went out in the month of June was to give a final exam on Mongolian Competitiveness on the International Market, of which I can't really give a lot of information on. Anyway, I passed it - didn't give much importance to this mediocre sounding lesson. But one should not discriminate lessons, I am just acting silly here. LOL.
  1. I went into Wendy Bakery in Urgoo 2 Cinema and bought a cup of Caffe Latte to go, whose paper cup was cute with the fancy drawings.
  2. But due to the loosely fitted top, I ended up spilling some on my scarf. (I smelled like coffee all day)
  3. I finally got to use the umbrella I've been carrying in my bag for over 2 months. This tile green, single umbrella came with my green bag, which you might have spotted on this blog during #photoadayApril challenge.
  4. By having been partially grown out of 'red-lips', I've been intending to gt hold on a nude lipstick that was for me. I found one today. This one is 06 Rose tendre from Bourjois's Sweet Kiss Naturel line. And plus the packaging is so cute.
Anyhow, by choosing not to go to A-Sound's Cover Night today, I am sitting on floor with my laptop on my lap (where it is supposed to be) and typing a little stories on the photos I uploaded to Instagram today.

Oh well, small and boring life of mine. I do hope your day is going very well.
- A.H.