Monday, June 4, 2012

20120604: Coffee + Ice-Cream

It's just divine to have an ice-cream with a cup of coffee for lunch on a summery day. Try it! But I gotta warn you that it's gonna kill your teeth; don't do it quite so often.

Today, in reality, I had a Grande coffee from Nayra in a nice sturdy take-out cup for breakfast; remember the cup of Caffe Latte I bought from Wendy in Urgoo 2? I'd rather go the extra-mile and pay less for better tasting and better cupped brewed beverage. And for dinner, I am enjoying a 200ml/110g Inmarko; I gotta say, this one is good, big and cheap at the same time. Decent bargain.

P.S. The photos/links used in this post were taken from my Instagram.