Wednesday, June 13, 2012

20120613: Cafe 9

So the day after the launch was delightful as far as everything concerned. Everyone at the office was so relaxed and relieved that none of them showed up on time, which is totally deserved. And the person who is in the same room with me took a personal day off, which is even more deserved. I am just glad that we have gotten over this big and huge event.

Though it was pretty peaceful for me just by myself, the mail delivery job has risen up after lunch, but I am not going to complain. (I am waiting for the authority to sign the mail to get back from lunch and I'm off to 7 different ministries and agencies) It is good.

Anyway, I want to share this nice coffee shop, where I've just had lunch with Duinkher. It's called Cafe 9  (click on the name for a Foursquare map) and it's a Korean styled venue. Not the interior design, the coffee is more Korean Coffee Shop-y. It has a very fast Wi-Fi and a good selection of breweries to choose from.

At the moment, they are holding this "I Love Americano" event, in which you'll get a cup of free Americano with the specific drink you bought on the specific day of the week:
  • Monday: Sandwich + Americano (free)
  • Tuesday: Americano + Americano (free)
  • Wednesday: Cafe Latte + Americano (free)
  • Thursday: Cappuccino + Americano (free)
  • Friday: Vanilla Latte + Americano (free)
  • Saturday: Cafe mocha + Americano (free)
  • Sunday: Caramel macchiato + Americano (free)
So me being me, I gradually bought a Caffe latte for both my likeness towards it and the free Americano. The downside is they only have one type of sandwich and that's the only thing that can be passed as lunch. I loved the place though. Check it out if you want to.

Update: I forgot to mention that they give a coupon that with a 9 stamp of drinks you get either Americano, Cappuccino or Latte for free.