Saturday, June 2, 2012

Google Drive

Google has introduced its own file sharing application Google Drive recently and being a Google-fangirl (see what I did there?) as I am, I instantly installed it. This application has three main access:
  1. Google Drive Web Access - You can access your Drive on the web using any browser of your choice, but obviously Google Chrome is recommended.
  2. Google Drive for PC - By downloading installing it (link can be found on the home page of the web access), it creates a Google Drive folder on your computer, (in the user panel on C: by default) and any file you've copied into this folder is synced over your devices.
  3. Google Drive for Android - Drive application can be found on the Play Store for free, and it doesn't have any country limitation - like Blogspot app etc.
The initial, free storage is 5GB, topping its main competitors such as Dropbox or Box by far. Also, it provides file sharing with anyone who is using Google Drive with their Google account.

I myself use it on several different devices: my phone, my laptop and PC at the office. It gives you easy access to every file you're working on and the web-access allows you to modify the file using Google Doc. (Well, it is actually the replacement of Google Doc) The sharing preferences can be adjusted on each device.

So far, I love it. Recommended to those who are not Dropbox or Box hardcore users, (for whom, they might have bad words to say on) and looking for a private file sharing platform for the first time.