Monday, June 18, 2012

Just let it go iProduct and Android users

And here is a cute sleeping cat
thrown at your faces!
On my way home the other day I've been thinking that if people call those who use MacBooks laptops, iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets and possibly iPod music players Apple fanboys, I, who use Android smartphones, Chrome browser, Gmail account, Drive storage, Google contacts GTalk messenger and YouTube, would be a Google fangirl?

Well, probably not. I am not getting dedicated to Chromebook and getting excited over anything that Google is releasing.

Though one must think that what the hell is coming out of this useless argument over iProducts and Android products. It is not which is better or worse. It's about the users, their needs, their satisfaction, their financial ability and the necessity in their daily lives.

So those "hard-core" techies, Just let it goooo.