Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#photoadayJuly 2012

Hello Blog friends!

I am writing this intro on July 2nd to this post which will be frequently edited as a draft through out the month with my entries to the #photoadayJuly 2012 challenge photos just like it did in June. But for this month is a bit special on the entry dates. Because I will be tour guiding in July, August and September, all the entries will be late on uploading but I'll try to take the photos on the designated days. 

Anu Harchu

The List: Quite exciting list, isn't it? But I see some entries are looping. | Day 1. self portrait: sorry I neglected and used one previously uploaded to my instagram

Day 2. busy: busily typing away, by holding my phone with my left hand makes this picture NOT look busy (ugh) | Day 3. best part of my day: seeing my papa for lunch

UPDATE: I am so sorry that I didn't continue with the challenge. LOL.

London 2012 Results App

The world is fully in sync with London 2012 Olympics these days, which is a wonderful event that simply unites everyone under one goal - human achievement (or something similar, LOL). In keeping with the modern smart device revolution, the Olympic committee (London 2012) had the official apps - Join-In App and Results App, made, presented by Samsung (I should add).

For a people like me, who aren't in London, the Join-In app wasn't really useful. But the Results App is very handy for catching up with the day's event. When you open the app, the main menu presents:

Live - Gives you the live feed (not video) of every game that is happening and what stage are they in with the scores and attendees and everything. Though it is useful, I am not really fond of this section. I'd rather watch in on the telly for the visuals.

Schedule & Results - Let's you know which events are happening with 3 hour period and if the event features medal determining. Good for planning a night show or something. (I live in GMT +8:00 zone, so the events usually takes place late here)

Sports - Features 36 sports (3*12) with visually nice illustrations with subsections in the menu, which helps you keep track of specific sport you want to follow.

Medals - Shows overall medal numbers (gold, silver and bronze separately) with country rankings, by medalists, by sport and about medals information.

Athletes - You can get the background information and the events he/she is participating on the featured, by country and by sport sections. Also you get to favourite the athletes you want to follow, which is a nice feature.

My Games - By choosing the country you want to support at the upper-left corner (Mongolia in my case, of course), you can follow on the medals and rankings of that country and keep track of your favourited athletes.

Ted Gold's Mongolia Custom Trip: Part Four - Extension

Hello blog friends,
          This is the last post on the photos taken during my trip with Ted and Margaret between 4th and 24th of July. Lol. For the extension of the trip we went to Gun Galuut Natural Reserve and Terelj National Park. Click here for the Flickr set of this part (all 45 of them).


Monday, July 30, 2012

Baked Beans and Tuna Soup

Here is the recipe I've been cooking for the last two days or so twice a day. Lol. And it's not actually recipe, it's just exactly what it sounds like. The following is for three servings.
  1. Take a tin of Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce. Open it and put it in soup pan. (I just bought the Hosen's 425 gramm Net Weight one)
  2. Wait a couple of minutes for it to get a little warm, then add about 200 ml of boiled water.
  3. When the bubbles start to appear, put a tinned tuna of your choice (150 ml). (I put the Sajo Lohi Tuna in Vegetable Sauce)
  4. Wait for the bubbles to reappear and serve it in a cute bowl with a slice of bread.
P.S. We are calling it the Students' Soup. Because actually it's is a very low cost and healthy at the same time.

Ted Gold's Mongolia Custom Trip: Part Three - Central Mongolia

Hello blog friends,
          Here is the part 3 of the 4 post series on my trip with Ted and Margaret between 4th and 24th of July. This post features the photos taken on the Central Mongolia section. Click here for the set of all the photos (63 of them) uploaded to Flickr.
- Anu

IMG_0572 (2)
IMG_0573 (2)

Myreille Bédard - Il Fait Dimanche

I am here with another song of the day, not exactly the day but rather the month. While I was out in the countryside travelling with Ted and Margaret, I kept returning back to this song on my phone and listening to it when there was a free time.

Myreille Bédard - Il Fait Dimanche (Live) from Putumayo World Music on Vimeo.

Ted Gold's Mongolia Custom Trip: Part Two - Hovsgol

Hello blog friends,

Here is the part two of the four part series of photo blog post of 4th to 24th of July. If you haven't checked out the first part of this series, click here for that post. If you want to check out all the rest of the photos in Hovsgol (all 100 of them), click here.


IMG_0534 (2)
IMG_0538 (2)

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Do you think you can just sit or stand with somebody or some people whether they are your friends, colleagues, or special someones  and even though you are not doing anything or talking about something actively, you can enjoy each other's company just being together? I bet you think and believe you can. So am I. Luckily I have some people just like that and I think I met one today too.
- Anu

Ted Gold's Mongolia Custom Trip: Part One - Gobi

Hello blog friends,

This is the first of four part blog posts of the photos me and the party took during my July 4th to 24th travel. Here we have the photos taken when we were in Gobi. Click here for the Flickr set for more  photos (all 123 of them).



Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swirly Framed Mirror

First. The mirror I had broke 3 days ago and I bought a new one with a frame that I really liked. I had it hung today, changing the former location of my mirror, and I love the setting. LOL. Give me your opinion on if I should paint it a different colour than its current black.

Second. Remember that i heart books wall tile I got from OMG shop earlier this year? I finally got around to hang it on my wall. There are other two screws installed on the both sides of that tile you can see in the mirror reflection. What should I get for those?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Rosewood Coffee House

Today (July 27) was a hectic day since 7 in the morning, and as I sit typing this blog I am waiting for the utility man to come and shoot some nails on my wall for I am redecorating. LOL. Oh, I should say that I am back in town. Anyway, back to the topic.

I spent my two meals, breakfast and lunch, in Rosewood Coffee House, therefore writing a short thingy here would be appropriate, wouldn't it?

PROS: The coffee house has a reliable and fast WiFi, comfortable seats, including three different sitting rooms and new, yet responsible staff. (Oh, the facilities are well maintained, too - probably useless to mention that, but anyway) The coffees are really good.

CONS: The pricing is not very college-student-friendly. But come to think of it, the coffee house wasn't set up to be a student place, I guess.

Cafe au Lait and Ham & Cheese Sandwich
     Although I always get a Latte from coffee shops, every time I go in here I end up getting a Cafe au Lait, which is so delicious and I don't really know the difference. LOL.
     The sandwich was good, but I don't think I will get it again next time. It was well prepared, but it was too dry I guess.

Ice Tea (sweetened) and Turkey panini
Ice tea was just ice tea, but the PANINI ... the panini was AMAZING.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Job: Tour Guiding Itinerary


Due to my internship programme at NDIC, I've just got my summer tour guiding schedule today; and it is pretty filled up considering there are only three trips I will be working on, one for each month:
  1. July 4th - July 24th
    Ulaanbaatar > (flight into DLZ) Vulture's Gorge > Hongor's Sand > (flight into MXV) Hatgal > (flight into ULN) Hustai NP > Harhorin > Khugnu Khan Mountain > Ulaanbaatar > Gun Galuut > Terelj > Ulaanbaatar

  2. August 7th - August 25th
    Ulaanbaatar > (flight into DLZ) Vulture's Gorge > Hongor's Sand > Ongi Temple > Harhorin > Khorgo Terkh NP > Jargalant > Hatgal > (flight into ULN) Terelj > Ulaanbaatar

  3. August 28th - September 22nd
    Ulaanbaatar > (flight into MXV) Hatgal > Tsagaannuur > Taiga > (flight into UB) Hustai NP > Harhorin > Tsenher > Khugnu Khan Mountain > Ulaanbaatar

  4. September 23rd - October 6th
    Ulaanbaatar > (flight into Hovd) Eagle Hunters Festival > (flight into ULN) Ulaanbaatar > (flight into DLZ) Dalanzadgad > Vulture's Gorge > Flaming Cliffs > Hongor Sand > (flight into ULN) Ulaanbaatar
My friends, if you won't see me online and somehow suddenly assume that I might be dead, I am not. Lol. Expect photos and vlogs done in the wilderness after each trip!!!

Also, I am so excited for another year/season of taking tourists who are interested in the beautiful country of ours and introduce and represent its own characteristics.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Glee - Cell Block Tango

I haven't been keeping up with one of the series I watch - Glee, since its 17th episode in season 3. So for my very first free weekend, I decided to catch up with it.

The very first episode I start, I see a performance from one of my favourite musicals, Cell Block Tango from Chicago.

I mean the performance wasn't as deeming as the film version with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Maya and others, but still it was nice to watch them do the scene.

#photoadayJune 2012

Hello my dear readers,

I've done the #photoadayJune challenge on my Instagram just like I did in May. Here are my entries to the challenge; the photo links are directly taken from my Instagram, so that they won't duplicate or get uploaded to Picasa or my Flickr.

This post was edited everyday after I uploaded my daily entry, which means this post literally took me a month to finish.
Anyway, enjoy
- A.H.

#photoadayJune challenge list by @fatmumslim | Day 1. Morning: My Alarm | Day 2. Empty: Drank a whole cup of rice juice

Day 3 and 4. On My Plate and Close-Up: Noodles with some chicken | Day 5. Sign: Says your laptop is in sleep mode | Day 6. Hat: Bowler that I have been looking for a long time

Day 7. Drink: Survival coffee at the office | Day 8. 6 o'clock: I was buying my tickets for Snow White and the Huntsman | Day 9. My View Today: Brunch with Binderiya, Nomin and Jaq

Day 10. Best Bit of the Weekend: Sleep a lot | Day 11. Door: MoFAT | Day 12. From a Low Angle: Hi!

Day 13. Art: Embroidery of the Green Tara | Day 14. Time: Time Management | Day 15. Yellow

Day 16. Out and About: Me and Jaq Jaq | Day 17. In My Bag: hand made Thai bag, Clairefontaine pouch wallet, Episode planner ... | Day 18. Something You don't Know about Me: I keep a planner that is essential for my memory, cuz it sucks

Day 19. Imperfect: Imperfect paint job | Day 20. Fave photo I have ever taken: on Instagram | Day 21. Where I slept

Day 22. From high angle: BBQ Pork Pizza - Lunch with Uyanga, such a delightful time spent | Day 23. Movement: NONE on the footage for the tripod | Day 24. On my mind

Day 25. Something cute: This little piece came in a box of three bars, dark, milk and white | Day 26. Where I shop: for Coffee - NAYRA Cafe | Day 27. Bathroom: behind this door

Day 28. On the shelf: Jack Daniel's Barbeque Sauce | Day 29. Soft: Girls getting on the swing so cutely and swinging together with great enjoyment (I hope) | Day 30. A Friend: that's me on the left