Tuesday, July 31, 2012

London 2012 Results App

The world is fully in sync with London 2012 Olympics these days, which is a wonderful event that simply unites everyone under one goal - human achievement (or something similar, LOL). In keeping with the modern smart device revolution, the Olympic committee (London 2012) had the official apps - Join-In App and Results App, made, presented by Samsung (I should add).

For a people like me, who aren't in London, the Join-In app wasn't really useful. But the Results App is very handy for catching up with the day's event. When you open the app, the main menu presents:

Live - Gives you the live feed (not video) of every game that is happening and what stage are they in with the scores and attendees and everything. Though it is useful, I am not really fond of this section. I'd rather watch in on the telly for the visuals.

Schedule & Results - Let's you know which events are happening with 3 hour period and if the event features medal determining. Good for planning a night show or something. (I live in GMT +8:00 zone, so the events usually takes place late here)

Sports - Features 36 sports (3*12) with visually nice illustrations with subsections in the menu, which helps you keep track of specific sport you want to follow.

Medals - Shows overall medal numbers (gold, silver and bronze separately) with country rankings, by medalists, by sport and about medals information.

Athletes - You can get the background information and the events he/she is participating on the featured, by country and by sport sections. Also you get to favourite the athletes you want to follow, which is a nice feature.

My Games - By choosing the country you want to support at the upper-left corner (Mongolia in my case, of course), you can follow on the medals and rankings of that country and keep track of your favourited athletes.