Sunday, July 1, 2012

#photoadayJune 2012

Hello my dear readers,

I've done the #photoadayJune challenge on my Instagram just like I did in May. Here are my entries to the challenge; the photo links are directly taken from my Instagram, so that they won't duplicate or get uploaded to Picasa or my Flickr.

This post was edited everyday after I uploaded my daily entry, which means this post literally took me a month to finish.
Anyway, enjoy
- A.H.

#photoadayJune challenge list by @fatmumslim | Day 1. Morning: My Alarm | Day 2. Empty: Drank a whole cup of rice juice

Day 3 and 4. On My Plate and Close-Up: Noodles with some chicken | Day 5. Sign: Says your laptop is in sleep mode | Day 6. Hat: Bowler that I have been looking for a long time

Day 7. Drink: Survival coffee at the office | Day 8. 6 o'clock: I was buying my tickets for Snow White and the Huntsman | Day 9. My View Today: Brunch with Binderiya, Nomin and Jaq

Day 10. Best Bit of the Weekend: Sleep a lot | Day 11. Door: MoFAT | Day 12. From a Low Angle: Hi!

Day 13. Art: Embroidery of the Green Tara | Day 14. Time: Time Management | Day 15. Yellow

Day 16. Out and About: Me and Jaq Jaq | Day 17. In My Bag: hand made Thai bag, Clairefontaine pouch wallet, Episode planner ... | Day 18. Something You don't Know about Me: I keep a planner that is essential for my memory, cuz it sucks

Day 19. Imperfect: Imperfect paint job | Day 20. Fave photo I have ever taken: on Instagram | Day 21. Where I slept

Day 22. From high angle: BBQ Pork Pizza - Lunch with Uyanga, such a delightful time spent | Day 23. Movement: NONE on the footage for the tripod | Day 24. On my mind

Day 25. Something cute: This little piece came in a box of three bars, dark, milk and white | Day 26. Where I shop: for Coffee - NAYRA Cafe | Day 27. Bathroom: behind this door

Day 28. On the shelf: Jack Daniel's Barbeque Sauce | Day 29. Soft: Girls getting on the swing so cutely and swinging together with great enjoyment (I hope) | Day 30. A Friend: that's me on the left