Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Job: Tour Guiding Itinerary


Due to my internship programme at NDIC, I've just got my summer tour guiding schedule today; and it is pretty filled up considering there are only three trips I will be working on, one for each month:
  1. July 4th - July 24th
    Ulaanbaatar > (flight into DLZ) Vulture's Gorge > Hongor's Sand > (flight into MXV) Hatgal > (flight into ULN) Hustai NP > Harhorin > Khugnu Khan Mountain > Ulaanbaatar > Gun Galuut > Terelj > Ulaanbaatar

  2. August 7th - August 25th
    Ulaanbaatar > (flight into DLZ) Vulture's Gorge > Hongor's Sand > Ongi Temple > Harhorin > Khorgo Terkh NP > Jargalant > Hatgal > (flight into ULN) Terelj > Ulaanbaatar

  3. August 28th - September 22nd
    Ulaanbaatar > (flight into MXV) Hatgal > Tsagaannuur > Taiga > (flight into UB) Hustai NP > Harhorin > Tsenher > Khugnu Khan Mountain > Ulaanbaatar

  4. September 23rd - October 6th
    Ulaanbaatar > (flight into Hovd) Eagle Hunters Festival > (flight into ULN) Ulaanbaatar > (flight into DLZ) Dalanzadgad > Vulture's Gorge > Flaming Cliffs > Hongor Sand > (flight into ULN) Ulaanbaatar
My friends, if you won't see me online and somehow suddenly assume that I might be dead, I am not. Lol. Expect photos and vlogs done in the wilderness after each trip!!!

Also, I am so excited for another year/season of taking tourists who are interested in the beautiful country of ours and introduce and represent its own characteristics.